Abraham also claims to have served in the Navy during World War II. Status He is a member of the Stonecutters, Masons, and Communists, as well as being president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance for some reason. Then, newspaper columnist Marshall Goldman turns up, and is interested in his stories. Homer keeps him in Springfield Cryogenic Facility due to it being much cheaper than a nursing home. Matt Groening famously named the five main Simpson characters after members of his own family: his parents, Homer and Marge (or Marjorie in full), and his younger sisters, Lisa and Margaret (Maggie). He is also shown to be something of a crackpot, as evident by the following letter from "Bart the General": Dear Advertisers, I am disgusted with the way old people are depicted on television. Almost all of Grampa's biographical information is supplied by him. However, it never happened and Abe held a grudge against Santa until he apologized to Abe. Abraham also says that he served on PT Boat 109 where he heard John F. Kennedy speaking in German ("Ich bin ein Berliner"). Abe once disguised himself as a female dancer and made sexual motions towards Hitler, but when he leaned in down, one of the fruits in his bra fell onto the stage and Hitler was disgusted. In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Abe was participating in the javelin event. He also is soundly rooted in his antiquated ways: "The metric system is the tool of the devil! Abe's brother Cyrus appeared in "Simpsons Christmas Stories", where it shows that Cyrus lives in Tahiti with multiple wives. During the crossover, Abe runs over Peter Griffin. If he was a better father, Homer would have been better, too. After the ship was sunk, Abe and his fellow sailors rode on the back of sharks to avoid being eaten by them and had them swim in formation to spell a rescue message. Abe's recollections of his World War II experiences are sometimes implausible. In the closing days of the war in Europe, they then invade an abandoned castle owned by the Nazis and flushed the Nazis out, though Mr. Burns tried to remove some of the paintings. Abraham Simpson I Grampa also had a habit of telling stories about his past though a lot of the time these stories didn't really happen. Abe was once arguing with Mona which  she stormed out, which caused him to be a single father, suffering to pay the bills, and then resorting to alcoholism and completely ignoring Homer. Also in The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album, the family tree shows his parents' names to be Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman. Abraham Simpson served in the army, is cranky and old, but one hilarious dude with his crazy stories. When Abe and Bart retrieve the art from Burns after a spectacular confrontation, the State Department arrives to give the art to their "rightful" owner, Baron von Herzenberger, a snooty young German aristocrat (this part implies that this did happen). Hair If a strange man offers you a ride, I say take it!" [3], Jasper and Abe after unintentionally consuming peyote. Number three; "Family jewels". However, at least one of his stories was true: the one about the Flying Hellfish. Abe was also angered about Homer's role in ensuring of the Trappuccino incident, yelling "I'm part of the mob!" As such, all information provided by Grampa is often to be taken with a grain of salt. He also wrote to "the sickos at Modern Bride Magazine" about his disgust at not seeing "one wrinkled face" or "a single toothless grin" in the publication. Although he opposed the decision, and was morally against the idea, he ended up deciding to let Mr. Burns do it, though only so he might have a nest-egg after retirement. When putting his hands up to surrender, he grabs the train's emergency brake lever, which sends Marshall flying back and causes him to be crushed by luggage. Abe ist befreundet mit Jasper, streitet sich aber auch oft mit ihm. Unfortunately, it missed and hit the man who was about to assassinate him. Several years after the war, he went to the carnival, and encountered a prostitute named Gaby, thus resulting in the procreation of his illegitimate son, Herb Powell. Due to the rough childhood he has endured under Abe, Homer takes every opportunity to ignore or eject his father, whom he placed in a dilapidated retirement home. For Homer Simpsons's father, see Abraham Simpson. In "Million-Dollar Abie", Abe mentions that he has a brother named Bill. Abe once got stranded on a deserted island with Burns after a plane he was piloting crash landed after being shot down by Japanese planes. Both Homer and Grampa then embrace, and the family is back together. In "Days of Future Future", he is shown to be present at Homer's last clone funeral at age of 113. Abe is shown to be a resident of The Webs at Giant Spider Acres. We are not all vibrant, fun-loving sex maniacs! Abraham is also half Black due to the fact that his Father, Virgil Simpson is Black. Later on, he and his unit served in The Battle of the Bulge, where he nearly succeeded in assassinating Hitler (though Charles Montgomery Burns thwarted it at the last moment). He was born after Mabel and Virgil married in Canada, and is briefly seen in the episode wearing Lincoln's tall hat, which had been given by Lincoln. Status Soon, the entire popularity of Springfield is reading them. Springfield Retirement Castle Presumably his senility caused him to think he really did have these experiences; alternatively he could have simply been lying about them. In 1947, he met future Itchy creator and bum Chester Lampwick, and he offered him a plate of corn muffins under the condition that Lampwick paint his chicken coop. He also served on a destroyer called the USS World War One during World War II in "Thursdays with Abie". Abe held a variety of postwar jobs, including a farmer during Homer's early childhood until the bank foreclosed. Abe has also acted as a good father to Homer at times and has also acted as a good grandfather to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Abraham Simpson I is the ancestor of Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson. They both wrestle for control of the gun when Abe gets up and hits Marshall on the head with a bottle, but had no effect. Abe had no interest in this, instead focusing on the TV. Alias(es) Abraham Simpson II She became a fugitive from justice after she abetted in the sabotage of a biological weapons research lab on germs, owned by Charles Montgomery Burns. His closest friend appears to be Jasper, a fellow Retirement Castle resident. He then married Mona, and after having a bit of his tonic with her, they made love and procreated Homer on May 12, 1956. 217 likes. Due to his apparent senility, Abe is often ignored by Homer and other cast members, and is alternatively content with this, resentful of this, or completely unaware of his being ignored. She was seen again later in the same episode at the airport, ending further credence to the idea that he served in Europe. The son of Mabel Simpson and Virgil Simpson, and the maternal half-brother of Eliza Simpson. Homer does not normally appear to resent these casual abuses, though in "Grampa vs. He was briefly married to Amber, the same woman Homer married on a Vegas binge. The following is a list of words I never want to hear on television again. After the United States declared war, he supposedly tried to avoid service by dressing in drag and playing for a women's baseball team in 1942, which kept him from serving for a year before he was eventually discovered during a game. He'll find the culprit. The USS World War One was sunk by a heat seeking torpedo that they fired the other day. Abe moved in with the family, but was sent to a retirement home three weeks later. He lives in the Springfield Retirement Castle, which is a sad, lonely place filled with demented, crippled and depressed old people (a sign near the entrance says "Thank you for not discussing the outside world"). He continued to use the Simpson Farm until the bank foreclosed the farm in 1963, due to the cows producing sour milk, theorizing that something must have spooked them good (unknown to Abe, the reason why the cows were spooked was because Homer had traumatized them by running around and yelling at them). Almost all of Grampa's biographical information is supplied by himself. Abe typing an angry rant about media's portrayal of old people, He spends a good deal of his time writing letters of complaint. Abraham was indefinitely named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, who directly helped Virgil and Mabel escape from slaveholders pursuing them.
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