plantings that include Fuerte, Wurtz or Pinkerton, these cultivars can be used as indicator trees for monitoring fruitspotting bug activity and also as decoy trees for targeted control. Key Words:fruitspotting bugs, avocados, thin-skinned 515 Proceedings V World Avocado Congress (Actas V Congreso Mundial del Aguacate) 2003. pp. Very cold hardy avocado varieties (PDF version) Cold hardy avocados are of Mexican origin. Preharvest freeze . Cowan, B.N. Most of my plants are 3 years or younger. • 20 per cent for the varieties Fuerte, Pinkerton, Reed and Edranol • 19 per cent for the other varieties except for Antillian varieties that may show a lower dry matter content. Avocado originated in central America, and the fruit has been consumed as part of the diet by the indigenous peoples of that region for more than 5000 years. Postharvest frozen fruit. 515-518. Exports have been increasing due to a good international demand and year-round market access to Avocados, as climacteric fruit, benefit extensively from post harvest treatments.These treatments have allowed avocado to get in the export market, and thanks to it a big industry has been created, which collaborates in the development of the economy.. Post harvest treatments provided by DECCO protect fruit in order to prevent loss of weight, enhance fruit quality… The flesh has a high oil content, up to 30%. 1 Lamb Hass, 2 Hass, 1 Reed, 1 Fuerte, 1 Sir Prize, 1 Pinkerton, 1 Bacon and 1 Nabal (Found it at Louie’s nursery in Riverside, had 15 or so more as of Thursday June 27th). On a hillside in Whittier, CA. A.K. These avocados are known to be grown around San-Antonio, Texas (Zone 8b). I applied this to all my avocado tree leaves and so far so good. Congreso Mexicano y Latinoamericanodel Aguacate.Uruapan, Michoacán, … C. Classification Avocados are classified in three classes, as defined below: (i) “Extra” Class They have thin, tender skin that clings to the flesh. Zutano . The ripe fruit should be free from bitterness. Controlled atmosphere Ammonia damage Methyl bromide damage „ Irradiation damage.... reading Acknowledgements . They are self fertile. Some varieties have leaves with pronounced anise-like scent. MX2084 Avocado Annual--2012 Page 4 Trade: Growers forecast avocado exports higher for MY 2012/13 compared to MY 2011/12 or about 500,000 MT. Pinkerton' Reed'. Wolstenholme, in Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (Second Edition), 2003. Pinkerton December – April Green Reed July – October Green Rincon April – June Green Ryan May – June Green Santana September – February Green Zutano ... Manejo postcosechadel aguacate, In: Memoria del 1er. History, Cultivation, and Fruit Growth. 'Sharwil- "Shepard' .
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