This is the Bakugan Battle Planet Bakulog, a page very similar to the Bakulog from the Official Bakugan Website.This Bakulog page contains the stats of all Bakugan, including their B-Power, Damage Rating, and Paired BakuCores. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. Bakugan Battle Planet (爆 (ばく) 丸 (がん) バトルプラネット Bakugan Batoru Puranetto?) History Comments Share. Rispetto alle serie precedenti di Bakugan questa è un reboot con nuovi personaggi ed una trama diversa rispetto all'originale. He is theGuardian Bakuganof China Riot. is a character in Bakugan Battle Planet. The series acts as a reboot of the 2007–2012 anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. è una serie televisiva anime prodotta da TMS Entertainment, Nelvana Enterprises, Man of Action Studios e Spin Master Entertainment sotto la regia di Kazuya Ichikawa. Info Image Gallery Maxotaur (マクソタウルス, Makusotaurusu? Edit. Bakugan Battle Brawlers (爆丸 バトルブローラーズ, Bakugan Batoru Burōrāzu) is a Japanese-Canadian anime adventure television series produced by TMS Entertainment, Dentsu Inc., and Nelvana Animation under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto.The story centers on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the "battle brawlers" who possess them. Her CurrentGuardian Bakugan is Haos Pegatrixand Her Former Guardian BakuganisHaos Gorthion . 1 Information 1.1 Description 2 Anime 2.1 Bakugan Battle Planet 3 Physical Game 4 Notes Maxotaur doesn't express emotions & speaks in a low grumbling almost inaudible tone. Rules. Bakugan: Battle Planet (爆 (ばく) 丸 (がん) バトルプラネット, Bakugan Batoru Puranetto) is a Canadian-Japanese anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment, Nelvana Enterprises, Man of Action Studios and Spin Master Entertainment under the direction of Kazuya Ichikawa. Tikois the main antagonist of the Bakugan Battle Planet. Bakugan Battle Planet (バトルプラネット, Bakugan Batoru Puranetto) est une série télévisée d'animation canado-américano-japonaise diffusée depuis le 23 décembre 2018 sur Cartoon Network aux États-Unis découpée en 2 saisons distinctes. For the version that lists the Evos of these Bakugan, see Bakulog (Evos). Explore. Bakugan Battle Planet Booster Pack 001; Battle Pack. For the version with Bakugan from Bakugan: Armored Alliance, see Bakulog (Armored Alliance).. Cette série se veut être un reboot de la saga Bakugan à l'international en succédant à la série de 2007-2012 : Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Mysterious shape-shifting dark AurelusBakugan Tiko seeks the Core Cell for unknown purposes and has the ability to possess Bakugan and turn them into Bakuzron. He is seen attacking Drago and the other Bakugan on Vestroia. Darkus Hydorous and Aurelus Gargarnoid; Haos Serpenteze and Ventus Howlkor; Pyrus Maxotaur and Aquos Mantonoid; Starter Set. )is a minotaur-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. Info Image Gallery Lia Venegas (リア・ヴェネガス, Ria Vu~enegasu?) 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Gallery Tiko appeared in Midsummer Nightmare, but as a dream. 3 Bakugan (and their Character Cards) 2. Aquos Garganoid; Haos Howlkor; Pyrus Hydorous; Rules. Each Player needs: 1. Category:Battle Planet Characters - Bakugan Wiki - Characters, Dragonoids, Mechtogan, and more
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