What is the bellwether. Angela's eyes narrowed almost imperceptively at his response, but otherwise her expression remained impassive. Now how does DedSec fits into all this? Blume stands poised to reshape the wa… Bellwether is also considered a form of mind control software. ah is that why Maurice was saying 1, 2, 3, 5 at the end of the game. The Bellwether was programmed by an Italian programmer known as Desipio to rig the elections. So what does this mean? Games Watch Dogs. tirtha2chester 6 years ago #1. I wondered why they really only mention Bellwether here and there and then at the end it was this big thing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It may or may not be related, but for example, I think it's great that despite the lawmakers having allowed the rich to campaign-contribute as much money as they want to any politician, in the last presidential election where Romney got something like 10x as much money (especially by the right-wing Koch brothers) as Obama, it was shown that all that extra advertising and airtime didn't mean very much as Romney not only lost, but got some of the worst poll numbers in history. People wouldn't vote for a politician they don't like. They would vote for a politician that they think they like. This video is unavailable. Subscribe for news and discussion on the games. ". jump to content. on 27 May, 2014. Could Aiden have been a pawn subliminally influenced to take down the most powerful people in the region to give Blume full control? It has never been properly explained in the game except for a few references in audio logs by Angela Balik and Malcolm Deodato. The brainwashing would influence them, causing their opinion of the politician to be slowly changed. At the end bit at the lighthouse it is mentioned but they don't explain what it … Bellwether was stated by Angela Balik as she claimed that Raymond Kenney feared the Bellwether because it could influence people to echo a set of numbers, through the media surrounding them. Watch dogs is deffinitley one hell of a build up for the sequel, im more excited for the sequel than i was for watch dogs just because everything that youve said, the whole idea around Bellwether and the clips at the end of the story talking about branching out to new places. This sounds like a very Piece of Eden thing to do. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Ubisoft has made it very clear they're not interested in making new IPs that aren't going to have sequels. This is done by utilizing made-up memes, manipulating lyrics in famous songs & influencing the media. The description of the DLC reads: "People aren't always what they seem. Pretty standard "mercy is not mercy" speech. The question is as simple as it gets. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A man who can turn the entire city into a weapon aimed directly at you with just the touch of a button. For Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What exactly is bellwether? Bellwether is a behavioral prediction system integrated in the CTOS. He wondered at Angela's hostility. In this case, they're cyborgs from space. Self-described as the "world's foremost innovator of high-tech, high-performance communications and security technology",Blume Corporation specializes in everything from wireless phone operating systems, home computers, to digital imaging processors, and linked-by-network security systems. And in the midst of all of this you have one man with access to it all that doesn't truly understand what he has, and what he could potentially do. It goes without saying that everything beyond this point is to be taken as spoilers. Community-driven subreddit for the Video Game series Watch_Dogs. Follow/Fav Watchdogs ... "And I finally get to meet the famous Bellwether code instigator," he bit back, unable to let Angela get the upper hand. Bellwether is known to have been used two times on Dermot "Lucky" Quinn's order, one time to arrange the re-election of Mayor Donovan Rushmore and a second time to make Mayor Donovan murder Rose Washington in front of a camera, providing Quinn with blackmail on him and forcing the mayor to remain under Quinn's orders. This is done by utilizing made-up memes, manipulating lyrics in famous songs & influencing the media. I've finished the main story and I was wondering if they mentioned what bellwether was because I may have missed it. my subreddits. Watch Queue Queue Bellwether is also considered a form of mind control software. Cool. Thanks. Dušan Nemec even indirectly handed the Auntie Shu Boys access to the Bellwether system, so they can make money off the New York Stock Exchange though the data backbone underwater and Dušan Nemec can monitor and test the Bellwether's abilities. But beneath everything a much bigger story lies, mainly in relation to the Bellwether code. The Bellweather code is also seen as being successful after one of the programmers plugged the Fibonacci sequence into it, and the results were almost immediate to her dismay. Not outright brainwashing, but pretty damn close. She found the most played lotto numbers were in direct correlation to the Fibonacci sequence, that it was being talked about on both the radio and on the news, and unknown to her at the time was implanted into the mind of the man who would later kill Aiden's niece (as evidenced by the end sequence). People can knock on the story all they like, I liked it and im looking forward to the sequel more than i have with a game before :). Once he started counting again (probably 2 minutes of waiting) I shot. The Bellwether program even becomes Damien Brenks' obsession and he manipulates Aiden Pearce in order to find a way to gain access to it. This in turn influences the way people think. First, what is the Bellwether code? Today, the term is used for anything that's perceived as a reliable trend-setter, like specific electoral districts that tend to consistently vote for the winning party, or a specific company's stock that tends to drag its entire industry along with it as it goes up or down. Watch Dogs; What exactly is bellwether? This article or section contains insufficient information and is considered a Stub. That pretty much anyone could be brainwashed by all the media happening around them, and the system will be able to directly predict and influence the actions of the people on a whole, something the board of directors at Blume are unaware of.
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