thanks. It’s really odd especially my riding friend has the 910xt and has no issues like mine. Very cumbersome process. I have a question about pairing heart rate monitors, foot pods, etc. Everytime I start an activity, the Forerunner tells me that the HRM, for example, is detected. I cycle MTB and road and do crossfit training. I have GARMIN for runner 550 i’m so happy with it that is the best watch I ever have. Any chance the gym updated firmware or something weird on the bikes? After reading your blog about Sprot Tracks, I’m currently learning my way around it as well. Using an indoor spin bike with cadence sensor. Are there any settings on the Garmin to change that or do I need additional sensors? So it would scan for anything I guess. P. Honestly, that’s likely your best bet. Here’s an actual teardown of the protocal: Hi,Thanks for great reviews! For now I’m just testing with the idea, so if it’s bad – let me know. ... Garmin Technology Garmin Connect Connect IQ Garmin Express Garmin Indoor Training Garmin Pay Info Third-Party Music Provider Blog. Considering there are quite a few alternatives out there, it was your reviews that helped me make up my mind each time and I couldnt be happier with my choices. Off to search for a foot pod now. I’m not aware of any software (Garmin or otherwise) that let’s you override the grade. I looked at the liat but still didnt understand what is also suitable for indoor excersise such strength training at home or trx. Love reading your articles and weekly reviews are my monday ritual! When you’re ready to run, go back outside and turn it on. If you still have issues, shoot me a reference number for the Garmin support ticket/case and I’ll escalate it. And maybe a virtual race partner. The oldest footpod (discontinued) out there is the cheapest, which can occasionally be found on eBay and sometimes a few other places, for about $35. I think on the 910xt there is an option for “other” and I am assuming you could use that mode for a weight workout, am I correct in that? Do you turn the watch off after every workout? Do you have other links somewhere so you can add some $$ to your tri account in case I buy what you suggest . GC is a far nicer package and the Edge is streets ahead of the V650, but what do I use to record crossfit training other than to keep the Edge in my pocket? Like many sports bloggers you probably read and love, I’ve been recently toying around with linking to relevant Amazon products as a method to try put a tiny bit back into the triathlon bank for some of the time I end up spending putting together ‘How to’ guides like this and the product reviews I write (which are how most people find my little place on the internet). I was told I did not need a foot pod with this model. I have a Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Thanks so much for the post! Validate that the magnet causes the sensor light to blink when it goes past. Everytime I do spin indoors I now make sure it’s on and pair the device. should I really care?) When running or walking with GPS turned off, speed, distance, and cadence are calculated using the accelerometer in … I have put a battery in, closed the cover anf the led goes red and stays red it doesnt pair with the 305. Hey Ray, just used your post to pair my new cadence sensor (late Xmas present to – me, from – me). I have tried every option on the device. I do spin classes at the gym. When I do cardio at my gym on the indoor bikes, I use the “Indoor Bike” activity. Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. At the moment I have stuck it to the side of the spinning wheel using tape, the reading however is double what the built in sensor on the spinner gives. Can we both use the same foot pod? not gonna happen. I have a forerunner 305, which I use for running and cycling, and love. Always extremely helpful. But assuming you don’t want to go outside, it only takes a quick second. If you see any of the items listed above and utilize those links, I’ll earn a few pennies as a result. Hi Ray, Hope you can help. Distance is tough, mostly because a cadence meter won’t measure that. I’ve googled this, and the best answer seems to be a bike cadence sensor though it does not seem to be unanimous from what I can tell – the thinking is that the foot path on an elliptical is an ellipse (DUH!) Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! Plus, the paces are a bit smoother on a treadmill than on rill hills in real life. That’s what I use. Forerunner® device can be used for training indoors, such as running on an indoor track or using a stationary bike. can you help? Thanks for posting it! Any suggestions on what I’m missing? I’ve had an issue with the new Garmin, hub mounted, speed sensor when on the turbo. If budget is a concern, than the Forerunner 305 is a very close second. You can create a custom mode, one of the options is Gym (shows a little weights icon). which is the more general case of the path of the foot path on a bike, a circle (double duh, :-)). I have a 310xt and I recently bought the speed/cadence sensor. Second, perhaps more relevant question is other than personal interest in HR comparisons between locations (Boulder and Shanghai) is should I be tracking or monitoring (i.e. . Didn’t realise I had to enter wheel circumference and had been using the 700mm diameter. Thanks in advance. I was recently traveling and wanted to use my garmin 705 to record HR data on the treadmill. Cycling: The Virtual Trainer opens it up to a few other watches. No wires, no spoke magnets and nothing zip-tied. 310xt hard reboot and now not recording distance on turbo trainer. Meaning, because resistance is controlled by the trainer and/or your gearing, you can change gears and make the speed or distance increase/decrease without changing effort. Albeit Bluetooth and not for the Garmin, it would connect to your phone just fine – which I suspect you’d be good with for a gym/spinning class environment. For me though, I use my trainer 3-4 times a week…even in the summer.). So of all that watches you have used, what do you find to be the best all around watch? Yes, see this post on which ones use heart rate based calorie measurments: The LeMond Revolution with the Power Pilot will spit it back out to your FR310XT. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Below are the most popular. I’ve been trying – without much luck. For all Garmin Forerunner’s out there, you have a few options (especially if you poke around a bit). I’m still a newbie with just completing my 2nd season of triathlons. So far just been turning off satellites and using watch to record time. With the Garmin GSC-10 sensor it provides both speed and cadence, and it needs to take both from that. De Tacx indoor trainingssoftware biedt een grote variëteit aan trainingsopties en is beschikbaar op verschillende platformen. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Hoe het werkt? I like the 310xt very much on all the other functions, but just really find this so annoying, and also meaningless that it is produced this way – tons of watches know the time without GPS signal, so what is the smart thing about this function? Oh, and free US shipping too! No, unfortunately it’s not compatible there. If you can find a way to put the magnet on, then you can work out wheel circumference and such and get an approximation of speed. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! If you get a speed-only or cadence-only sensor, then you can split them up and use only one-half. Correct, those steps are only required the first time. Can I use the Edge 510 to record a spinning activity? I use the Garmin Edge 500 on my hand cycle, but when I train on my indoor-roller it doesn’t record distance (which I need for an upcoming event) Is there any reason that I should get a foot pod for running indoors? Buenos días, quería felicitarte por tu sitio, realmente me ha servido mucho. Once you’ve got it all zip-tied to your bike, you’ll want to go through a quick pairing process – just like any other ANT+ accessory. YEY. Thanks for taking the time and thought you put into maintaining this site. Strides per minute should be twice the number of RPMs. This old but useful post seems like a good place to ask this question — are there any easily available treadmills out there that accept HR from either ANT+ or Bluetooth? I’m worried that when I get to a race, my watch will pair with someone else’s monitor rather than mine. I can’t be the only one that wants to know. The watch worked before one day it stopped. Garmin is je gids, of nu een fietstocht op de weg maakt of het avontuur offroad opzoekt. It was sad. I have contacted Garmin and their solution was to “take the spin bike out of the class, pair it and then bring it back in” lol righ!!! I picked up data one time. Hi Ray I will definedly call back Garmin. It’s as simple as that. I was also told if i switch to another brand, it would also happen. Newbie here, looking for trainers. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. Then just follow the steps to tweak the wheel size on your bike: I want to mention something really important about speed & distance inside on a trainer.
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