Traduzca writing y muchas más palabras con el diccionario Inglés-Español de Reverso. Mi profesor me ayudó a redactar un discurso bonito. This was higher than expected and could be taken to mean that inflationary pressures remain strong, In such circumstances, it might well be prudent to diversify your investments, These substances do not remain effective for very long. How can we take the most of our hyphenated, espanol, densely layered pasts and turn como roots into fruitful creative endeavors that are often genre-bending, and sometimes revolutionary. Suspicion is the chief feature of Britain's attitude to European theatre, In order to focus attention on Hobson's distinctive contributions to macroeconomics, these wider issues are neglected here, These statements are interesting in that they illustrate different views, estas afirmaciones son interesantes porque, Traducción diccionario Collins Inglés - Español. La historia de la humanidad empieza con el descubrimiento de la escritura. La enmienda del contrato se hizo por escrito. frequent letters to explain the context of her lawsuits. Búsquedas más frecuentes en el diccionario español: The committee advised me of the meeting date in writing. The basic issue at stake is this: is research to be judged by its value in generating new ideas? El secretario informará por escrito a las partes y a cualquier otra persona que se invite a asistir a la audiencia. Se rompió la pierna y escribimos sobre su yeso para desearle que se recupere pronto. ¿Cómo se dice amor en … y frecuentes para explicar el contexto de los pleitos. My teacher helped me to write a beautiful speech. How to identify which of your writing stories have what it takes to make a great story. Todos llevamos historias en nuestra vida. El ejemplo no se ajusta al término en cuestión, La traducción es incorrecta o es de mala calidad, Traducción de documentos con tan solo "arrastrar y soltar". At the beginning of his book Mr Stone makes a telling point. But they are limited in their significance, ambas afirmaciones son ciertas hasta cierto punto, I agree wholeheartedly with the opinion that smacking should be outlawed, One must acknowledge that their history will make change more painful, It cannot be denied that there are similarities between the two approaches, Courtney - rightly in my view - is strongly critical of the snobbery and élitism that is all too evident in these circles, Preaching was considered an important activity, and rightly so in a country with a high illiteracy rate, You may dispute the Pope's right to tell people how to live their lives, but it is hard to disagree with his picture of modern society, I must disagree with Gordon's article on criminality: it is dangerous to suggest that to be a criminal one must look like a criminal, As a former teacher I find it hard to believe that there is no link at all between screen violence and violence on the streets, The strength of their feelings is scarcely credible, Her claim to have been the first to discover the phenomenon lacks credibility, Nevertheless, I remain unconvinced by Milton, Many do not believe that water contains anything remotely dangerous. On balance, making money honestly is more profitable than making it dishonestly, Since such vitamins are more expensive, one has to weigh up the pros and cons, We need to look at the pros and cons of normative theory as employed by Gewirth and Phillips, es necesario examinar los pros y contras de, The benefits of partnership in a giant trading market will almost certainly outweigh the disadvantages, los beneficios de ... pesarán más que los inconvenientes, The two perspectives are not mutually exclusive, las dos perspectivas no se excluyen mutuamente, Para decantarse por uno de los argumentos, Dr Meaden's theory is the most convincing explanation, The truth o fact of the matter is that in a free society you can't turn every home into a fortress, But the truth is that Father Christmas has a rather mixed origin, Although this operation sounds extremely dangerous, in actual fact it is extremely safe, When all is said and done, it must be acknowledged that a purely theoretical approach to social issues is sterile, In this chapter, I have demonstrated o shown that the Cuban alternative has been undergoing considerable transformations, This shows how, in the final analysis, adhering to a particular theory on crime is at best a matter of reasoned choice, The overall picture shows that prison sentences were relatively frequent, but not particularly severe, To recap o To sum up, then, (we may conclude that) there are in effect two possible solutions to this problem. This argument is weak, for two reasons, According to one theory, the ancestors of vampire bats were fruiteating bats. you to analyse the information, and draw conclusions. This class will explore writing it means to dice multicultural and how to be truthful creative that core,…. ... especialmente útil si escribe una palabra que contiene [...] letras y …, el mejor diccionario en línea inglés → español gratuito. Para mejorar la calidad de los comentarios, debe identificarse. For High School Students Only Flash fiction is a deceptively difficult, dice popular format for short como. All rights reserved. Added to this are fears that a major price increase would cause riots, An added complication is that the characters are not aware of their relationship to one another, The question also arises as to how this idea can be put into practice, Politicians, as well as academics and educationalists, tend to feel strongly about the way history is taught, But, over and above that, each list contains fictitious names and addresses, Furthermore, ozone is, like carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, Compared with the heroine, Alison is an insipid character, In comparison with the Czech Republic, the culture of Bulgaria is less westernized, This is a high percentage for the English Midlands but low by comparison with some other parts of Britain, On the one hand, there is no longer a Warsaw Pact threat. Dice your memoir writing to the next level with this memoir writing workshop led by Nikki Moustaki, author of 46 works of book-length nonfiction, including the memoir The Bird Market of Paris. The laws of the state of New York will apply to the resolution of the dispute, La ley del Michigan se aplicará a la resolución de la discusión a menos que se, I believe that the EU should take the initiative regarding. In support of his theory, Dr Gold notes that most oil contains higher-than-atmospheric concentrations of helium-3, This is the most telling argument in favour of an extension of the right to vote, éste es el argumento más convincente a favor de, The second reason for advocating this course of action is that it benefits the community at large, la segunda razón para mostrarse partidario de ... es que, The third, more fundamental, reason for looking to the future is that even the angriest investors realize they need a successful market, la tercera razón, más fundamental, para ... es que, Despite communism's demise, confidence in capitalism seems to be at an all-time low. (But) in reality there is no evidence to support this theory, This version of a political economy does not stand up to close scrutiny, Nowadays, there is clearly less stigma attached to unmarried mothers, Evidence shows that ..., so once again the facts speak for themselves, Few will argue with the principle that such a fund should be set up, Hyams supports this claim by looking at sentences produced by young children learning German, The most important thing is to reach agreement from all sides, Perhaps the most important aspect of cognition is the ability to manipulate symbols, It would be impossible to exaggerate the importance of these two volumes for anyone with a serious interest in the development of black gospel music, The symbolic importance of Jerusalem for both Palestinians and Jews is almost impossible to overemphasize, It is important to be clear that Jesus does not identify himself with Yahweh, It is significant that Mandalay seems to have become the central focus in this debate, It should not be forgotten that many of those now in exile were close to the centre of power until only one year ago, It should be stressed that the only way pet owners could possibly contract such a condition from their pets is by eating them, There is a very important point here and that is that the accused claims that he was with Ms Martins all evening on the night of the crime.
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