balancearse to sway, rock, swing ▲ part ▲ in bloom At first I didn't recognize him. ° limitar con to be bounded by cojín [m] pad, cushion Su audacia es ilimitada. The press confirmed the rumors. ▲ to call (at a port) He's a real Spaniard. It is very difficult to get any domestic help. Think nothing of it. ▲ to reach The aviators were off their course. ¿Por dónde está la salida? asiento. That's up to you. ♦ exhausted, worn out [Am] I haven't received any order (s) from my superiors. Enrolle Ud. wet blanket, killjoy ° echar (a) suertes to draw lots. You have to subtract this amount from the total. ° oponerse (a) to oppose Siempre me toca pagar el pato. He hasn't got good manners. El público entusiasmado pidió la repetición. That news took me by surprise. I have coffee and toast for breakfast. ▲ to record, keep a record of Gruñía porque no le pagaban bastante. He came sooner than I expected. ▲ to manage We can still get there on time. Es una impresión imborrable. hole in the floor. I'm going right away. ¿Cómo estás, María? They'll seize all their property. I won't lower myself to do such a thing. When you finish this work, rest for a while. He's a singing teacher. The water flooded the streets. El golpe no le lastimó. This shop has the latest things in men's wear. ▲ vacuous, stupid, empty Mecía al niño en la cuna. subir to go up ▲ to find out, inquire Empty that jug. Su discurso iba dirigido a las masas. Is it far from here? ° pararse to stop, halt reserva en esto. En pixels: 3300,00 px de ancho, 5100,00 px de alto ( Para resolución de 300 ppp). The judge is ready to pass sentence. Acaba de entrar en el colegio. ° ir (or venir) a parar to land finally, end up siquiera at least She liked to go horseback riding. I'm warning you not to do it again. ° hablarse to speak to each other, be on speaking terms He takes his time when he works. inconsciente unconscious Her mother's house is very humble. Lo digo y lo sostengo. ▲ back How long have you been in the United States? Do you understand Spanish? He talks endlessly. ▲ linen antiguo former; old, ancient. Point out the errors you find. Fíjese que esté del derecho. ° cuanto más ... menos ° a rienda suelta without restraint Se murió el año pasado. ° sentarle a uno bien (or mal) ° informarse de to find out, get information on The death of his father was a great misfortune. ¡Qué diablo estás haciendo! It was an informal meeting. They found the body in the river. ▲ to itch ▲ to fix, set Sé el origen de toda la historia. Se echó un farol diciendo que le conocía. ° dar la razón to agree, be of the same opinion Los dos camiones se encontraron con gran estrépito. There was a group of children playing in the park. What do you do to make so much money? He doesn't obey his parents. Le aplicaron a la silla una capa de pintura. Our forces occupied the city. ▲ to elude, dodge don [m] gift I haven't received a reply to my letter. The ailment's taking its course. Trabaja con mucha diligencia. Estaba incómodo en aquella postura. Llegó sin aliento. ° enloquecerse to get furious or mad costilla rib ▲ to annoy sus intenciones. Business is in a mess. Le duele la espalda. ° saberse to become known, be found out Derramó el agua en el mantel. Llegué a casa calado. Está salado. ▲ weight, burden, load ° soldado de primera (clase) private first class. At last we got rid of him. Fué una reunión de confianza. Se habituó a trabajar en la oficina. He approached the door. Tiene un cuello muy largo. ▲ too big, too wide Be careful, it's a fierce bull. Tiene fama de sabio. It's late so we ought to go now. tanate [m] bundle [Am] He said it very politely. He arrived rather late. asombrar to astonish, amaze I'll put on my blue dress today. bomba pump The success of the enterprise astonished everybody. Es un hombre grande. Fueron compañeros de estudios. ° hacer gimnasia to do exercises (calisthenics) orilla bank ° volver a to ... again ▲ recent No pude encontrar un taxi ni para tin remedio. or ° salirse to leak Be careful where you stick the pin. ¿Tiene caramelos de menta? He sold only at retail. Han recogido varios huérfanos. pasado last Generalmente como carne una vez al día. ▲ sheet music He wears a Spanish cape. His horse is racing tomorrow. Meanwhile let's sit down. I got overheated playing baseball. Siquiera nos pagaran hoy. a to El temporal causó gran daño. ° fuente de información source of information, contact That child has a very large head. Vamos a animar a los jugadores. La fiesta promete estar muy alegre. Su dimisión fué un gesto muy noble. It's a large amount. peonza top (plaything). Llevaba un anillo en la mano derecha. He'll arrive tonight at the latest.
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