Pingyang Haoli Imp. [3] In 1914 this army marched to Mexico City from the state of Morelos against the regime of Victoriano Huerta. Derechos reservados 2010, Instituto Electoral del Distrito Federal � 2010 • The main event is the culinary exhibition of dishes made with the vegetable along with cultural, social, sporting and artistic events. In 1440, Mexica leader Hueyitlahuilli subdued these settlements and installed a leader. There is a dual system of government, administrative and agricultural, with the latter mostly tasked with the administration of common lands. Datos. Inicio; Entidad; Delegación; Colonias; MILPA ALTA. Ethnic Nahuas are found in all of the borough’s main towns. Delegaci�n Tlalpan • C.P. At this time several lakeside docks, a ceremonial center, barracks and tribute collections centers were constructed, remnants of which remain. Pulque is produced for local consumption. Traditional medicine is still practiced by a number of Nahuas in combination with modern medicine. 172 p.p. In addition it supports the customs and traditions of the twelve indigenous communities found in the borough. Most agriculture is still done with traditional methods with only those of greater resources using machinery such as tractors. However, only sixteen of these species are still commonly seen because of habitat destruction. México, esq. Para efectos de la estratificaci�n y su representaci�n en planos, esta cantidad puede variar. [4], The area belongs to the Amacuzac River basin but only small streams run on the surface. [6] There is a telegraph office, a post office and various city agencies. [16] The most important saint day in the entire borough is that of Our Lady of the Assumption in August. [5], It has an average altitude of 2,420 meters above sea level with altitudes varying between 2,300 and 3,600. The natural vegetation is mostly forest with a mix of pine, oyamel fir and holm oak, with some concentrations of Abies religiosa. It lies in the southeast corner of the nation's capital, bordering the State of Mexico and Morelos. [3], After Independence, the area was initially part of the State of Mexico. 14386 • M�xico, [3] It is part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and the Sierra Chichinautzin volcanic mountain chain, which separates the Federal District from the state of Morelos. [6] The main elevations are volcanic and include Cuautzin (3,510), Tulmiac, Ocusacayo (3,220), La Comalera (3,230), San Bartolo (3,200), Tláloc (3,510), Chichinautzin (3,470), Yecahuazac, Quimixtepec, El Oclayuca (3,140), El Pajonal (3,100), El Ocotécatl (3,480), Acopiaxco (3,320), Tetzacoatl (3,310), Tehutli (2,800) Cilcuayo (3,580), Nepanapa (3,460), Texalo (3,560), Oclayuca (3,390), San Miguel (2,988) . This is made principally for weekend sales for traditional markets and street stands in most of Mexico City. [26] The barbacoa business in the area began in the 1940s and since then has been successful enough to allow many families to send their children to school and become professionals. [9][11] The use of Nahuatl is widespread in the borough,[15] with the most concentrated in the towns of Santa Ana Tlacotenco, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan and San Pablo Oztotepec. 74 GACETA OFICIAL DE LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO 29 de Junio de 2018 DELEGACIÓN MILPA ALTA MARÍA DEL CARMEN SALAZAR ALVARADO, Directora General de Desarrollo Social en Milpa Alta, con fundamento en los artículos 87, 112 y 117 del Estatuto de Gobierno del Distrito Federal; 15 fracción IV, 36, 37 fracción VII de la Ley de Planeación del It lies in the southeast corner of the nation's capital, bordering the State of Mexico and Morelos. The windiest months are February and March. [6] The average annual temperature is 15.6 °C (60.1 °F) with average lows at 13.7 °C (56.7 °F) and averages highs at 16.6 °C (61.9 °F). Its function is to provide cultural and entertainment options to residents as well as classes in various arts and trades. Other colonial era churche/chapels include Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Chapel (1767), Santa Cruz Chapel, San Agustín el Alto Chapel (16th century), San Francisco de Asís Chapel (16th century), San Jeronimo Chapel (16th century), San Juan Bautista Chapel (16th, 17th and 19th centuries), San Lorenzo Martir Chapel (1605), Calvario Hermitage (16th and 17th centuries), San Pablo Apostol Parish (16th can 17th centuries), La Lupita Chapel (16th century), San Pedro Apostol Church (17th century), San Martin Chapel (16th and 17th centuries), Santa María de Guadalupe Chapel (16th and 17th centuries), San Francisco Chapel (16th century), Divino Salvador Chapel (16th century), Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana Parish (17th century) and the San Bartolome Chapel (17th century). Estadísticas del municipio de Milpa Alta. EL TURISMO EN LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO. � Elaborado por la Dirección Ejecutiva de Organización y Geografía Electoral/IEDF. Average annual precipitation is 731 mm (28.78 in). [4], The area has a number of species found nowhere else. [4] Species such as wild boar, bobcats and opossums are extinct in the area. LN Composición de la Lista Nominal, niveles de participación y proporción de votantes por sexo y grupos de edad en Milpa Alta Tenemos una población de 137,927 habitantes según datos del Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía. . [6] Other important religious events include the passion play, held jointly by the towns of San Francisco Tecoxpa, San Pedro Atocpan, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan and San Antonio Tecómitl and requires six months of preparations. D.F. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century and was the home of Rafael Coronel. Tel�fono: +(55) 54 83 38 00 [5], The main economic activities of the borough are agriculture and food processing. [11] The borough is gaining population from migration from places like the State of Mexico, Puebla and Oaxaca. Distrito Federal. 4 Pilgrims to the holy cave … a … 2014-2015 Delegación Milpa Alta PREÁMBULO. Acrobat Reader, Aspectos Geográficos, Estado y Movimiento de la Población, Vivienda e Infraestructura Básica para los Asentamientos Humanos. [6] Men still hold most of the paying jobs, with most women classed as homemakers, although many of these work in family business, generally for no salary. 03:45:23. One way of doing this is through ecotourism on tribal land including guided hikes, zip lines, temazcals and camping. Those considered by the government to be urban (with 2010 population figures in parentheses) are: San Antonio Tecómitl (24,397), Villa Milpa Alta (18,274), San Pablo Oztotepec (15,507), San Salvador Cuauhtenco (13,856), San Francisco Tecoxpa (11,456), Santa Ana Tlacotenco (10,593), San Pedro Atocpan (8,283), San Bartolomé Xicomulco (4,340), San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan (3,676), and San Nicolás Tetelco (3,490). Estas son los datos sociológicos y estadísticas de población del municipio de Milpa Alta (en el Estado de Distrito Federal), para que usted pueda conocerlo y analizarlo mejor::: Población total: 130582 habitantes:: Población masculina: 64192 hombres:: Población femenina: 66390 mujeres:: Ratio mujeres/hombres: 1,034
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