Al estreno de la cinta no solo acudió la primogénita de la actriz, también su hermano Víctor Manuel y su viudo Lorenzo Lazo. indicó cómo sobrelleva el duelo que significó la partida de su esposa, a quien constantemente recuerda en redes sociales. Por su parte Edith Gonzalez leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter Constanza. As fans continue to mourn the loss of Mexican actress Edith González – who passed away on June 13 after a battle with cancer – heartbreaking details about her … Así le demuestra su apoyo Constanza Creel a Edith González en su lucha contra el cáncer. See photos and learn more about Constanza, who stayed strong during her mom's cancer. “I also remember how she used to show me movies I hadn’t seen and I made her listen to music she didn´t know. (Fotos:Germán Espinoza y Archivo EL UNIVERSAL) Relacionadas. Mama, Doña Bárbara was a strong, independent and ‘macho’ character, but I would have liked to be half the woman you were, because Doña Bárbara faced the world with hate, but you did it with love. Edith González's 14-year-old daughter's custody revealed after mother's passing A document was released detailing the specifics of her daughter's custody July 25, 2019 evitó desfilar o dar alguna declaración a la prensa e incluso trató de que su rostro no fuera captado por las cámaras con ayuda de un familiar, quien en todo momento la abrazó. inc González made her acting debut on the telenovela produced by Televisa Cosa juzgada in 1970. She would later start a prominent career on multiple telenovelas produced by the same company, with her most famous works including Los ricos también lloran (1979), Bianca Vidal (1982), Corazón salvaje (1993), Salomé (2001), … I love you mama.”, Fallece Flor Silvestre, abuela de Ángela Aguilar, a los 90 años, Argentina football legend Diego Maradona dies at 60-- Maluma, J Balvin & more stars pay their respects, Bobby Brown’s son Bobby Jr. has passed away 5 years after the death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina, Wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Naya Rivera’s son Josey, Eva Longoria rocks cute socks with her sons face on them, Ranking the Worst to Best Kardashian Christmas trees. “Ella (Constanza) sí se recurrió a un tanatólogo porque fue un golpe muy duro porque cuando murió tenía 14 años, entonces sí está en pleno desarrollo, formando carácter y personalidad y un golpe tan demoledor como es la ida de mi hermana, sí se recurrió a que un tiempecito estuviera en ayuda profesional”, expresó en un programa de espectáculos. She showed me the world, Egypt, Galapagos, Paris, London, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Madrid, just to mention some of the destinations, and of course, all of the Mexican Republic. Lorenzo Lazo Sin embargo, las imágenes de la hija de Edith González se volvieron tendencia en redes sociales, ya que fue la primera ocasión que se observa a Constanza, quien de acuerdo con su tío Víctor Manuel tuvo que recurrir a ayuda profesional, en específico de un tanatólogo, para aceptar la partida de su madre. I remember her saying: ‘A resignation letter for an actor is just like death,’ and she always followed that rule. As fans continue to mourn the loss of Mexican actress Edith González – who passed away on June 13 after a battle with cancer – heartbreaking details about her final days are beginning to come to light. perdió la vida a consecuencia de complicaciones del cáncer de ovario que le diagnosticaron en 2016. Smiling as he remembered his sister, he read the emotional text signed by his niece: “My mom was an amazing person and an excellent mother, she never used her work as an excuse to not be one. “Se hace con mucha entereza y evidentemente se hace con el gran aparato mental que es la memoria y el corazón”, declaró en la misma emisión. She loved learning new things, whenever we would go traveling she was the best tour guide, if she did not know something, she would ask and learn. expadrastro, Constanza Edith González, una mujer que inspira . Trying to stay strong, Víctor Manuel explained that Edith said goodbye to her doctor, family and closest friends when she found out her immune system was not responding to treatment. She is best remembered and known for her works on multiple telenovelasproduced by Televisa, TV Azteca and Telemundo. I remember we watched The Sound of Music like 3,500 times just because it was my favorite film, and how I managed to make her watch The Shining and Psycho, as she was so scared of horror movies.”, Constanza ended the beautiful tribute with reference to Doña Bárbara, one of her mom´s most iconic roles: “When I was four years old, my mum went to Colombia to shoot Doña Bárbara, a new telenovela. Derechos Reservados @ Televisa S.A. de C.V. TELEVISA y el logotipo de TELEVISA son marcas registradas, Agréganos a tu pantalla de inicio para visitarnos más fácil y rápido. La hija de Edith González, Contanza Creel comparte momentos innolvidables a lado de su mamá. Constanza Creel es idéntica a su mamá Edith González . En junio del año pasado, Edith González perdió la vida a consecuencia de complicaciones del cáncer de ovario que le diagnosticaron en 2016. And she was Doña Bárbara, the best Doña Bárbara one could be. Edith González There was a particularly poignant moment this week when the star’s brother Víctor Manuel González appeared on TV show Ventaneando to praise his sister for the strength and courage she showed facing her long illness, and also to share a moving letter written by Edith’s 14-year-old daughter Constanza Creel González as a final farewell to her mom. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch with your cultura. En junio del año pasado, Su única hija, Constanza, quedó bajo la custodia de su papá biológico Santiago Creel y ahora nueve meses después de la muerte de la actriz, la adolescente reapareció en público. A diferencia de su tío y Victor Manuel continued: “Just the same, she never used her role of being a great mother as an excuse for not doing her job well. When I was a child, I remember that no matter how late or tired she would get home after work, she would kiss me and then the following day, she would never complain if I woke her up to play at 6 in the morning.”, Remembering Edith González, the actress' most iconic telenovela roles. La joven, quien en agosto cumplió 15 años, asistió al estreno de la última película que filmó su famosa madre, la cual lleva por título ‘Un sentimiento honesto en el calabozo del olvido’, del director Luis Bárcenas. Edith González Fuentes was a Mexican actress and dancer.
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