this time. FrankerFaceZ Global Emoticons Group Chat Owned by dansalvato. It will take several days for new emotes to be approved. © 2020 Dan Salvato LLC Currently, edited versions of existing emotes such as FrankerZ. image and have it automatically scaled down! Emote Library 244,542 public ways to woof Name Usage Count Image; foxeBreak by FOXE: 0: ScaryFace by FOXE: 0: nooAAH by Noowoo: 0: Riqqa by blinkzy: 0: … uploading it. If you are submitting an existing Twitch or FrankerFaceZ emote, we require you to include proof of your permission to use the emote in the emote's notes during submission. readily apparent. emotes contrast sufficiently with both. please contact us directly rather than trying to upload the We get a lot of submissions and our approval team is made up of volunteers, so please be patient. Emote names must contain at least one capital letter. Existing Twitch emotes, such as subscriber emotes. - Contact - Developers - Terms, If you are submitting an existing Twitch or FrankerFaceZ emote, Emotes must have transparent backgrounds. Emotes may have additional, high resolution images for display browser support Emote names may contain letters and numbers. Additionally, most computer monitors are not emote with high-DPI support: Zooming in may help you see the difference, if it is not bigger, here are the requirements: You may not bypass the size requirements by is a bit lacking. four times the resolution. You may provide high-DPI images for twice the resolution and However, if you need to make your emotes high-DPI. We recommend that you make your emotes dividing your image and submitting it as multiple emotes. on high-DPI displays and mobile devices. Please use color correction as necessary to ensure that Channel Emotes 9 ways to woof emote dimensions. If you believe you have a valid reason to make a larger If the emote name already exists in your Discord server it will not replace it or upload an extra it will just skip it. Emotes must meet the size requirements, with the exception of the necessary feature to display a high-DPI emote at discriminatory content. Alternatively, your browser may not support Alternatively, provide a large That's great! emote, such as creating a modified version of FrankerZ, 28×28 pixels to match regular Twitch Emotes cannot contain nudity, excessively vulgar content, or Emote names must be at least three characters long and no longer than 30 characters. The first image in the following table is an example of an Read the guidelines below, and submit your emotes when you're ready! emote through the website. we. Existing Twitch emotes, such as subscriber emotes, may not be submitted without permission. Sync FrankerFaceZ emotes with your Discord This will upload, not replace (yet), Discord emojis with your FrankerFaceZ emote set. Please trim away any transparent space around your emote before
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