JUM: 75 GKS: 50 Fine put him on a 96 then, just as long as we get him down from that obviously wrong 98. I believe a lot of classics are overrated and I'm going to try and lower as many as possible. 01:09 On this day - 8 Nov 1996: Zola signs for Chelsea 08/11/2020 CC AD 02:58 Best goals by Italian players 01/5/2020 CC AD 00:34 Flashback: Zola skips past Man Utd 12/2/2020 CC AD Gianfranco Zola was one of the outstanding Italian attackers during the 1990s. Umm, his free kicks seem a tad overrated. 87 PES 2013; 87 PES 2012; 90 PES 2011 P16 - Dummy Runner OMG why, am i the only one who think's SOME of these 'classic' stats are a little bullcrap.... Fine them give him 95 and 97 respectively, 1 higher in FK accuracy than i suggested, but surely no higher, i mean come on... Well this is how in my opinion it should look(players peak). Gianfranco ZOLA 1992-1996 After only a few minutes, Zola was sent off, after 'fouling' Augustine Eguavoen, which forced him to miss the two subsequent World Cup matches. Disagree with dropping FK acc. https://pesstatsfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Gianfranco_Zola?oldid=8429. S02 - Passer CUR: 97 Sorua (Zola) is a 29-year-old, 87-rated Supporting Striker from Italy. Gianfranco Zola is an Italian former footballer who has played for Cagliari and Chelsea in the PES Series. Last visit was: less than a minute ago: It is currently 26/11/2020, 21:27: Board index » Players » 1990s. All times are UTC . Add some new values to his free kick accuracy and curling and you have a new set of stats that actually look right. WFF: 7, P05 - Trickster You guys are treating it like he was the greatest free kick taker of all time, again, false. Zola PES 5 Stats. RES: 75 LPA: 89 S14 - Quick Turn He appeared at the 1994 World Cup, making one appearance in the second round against Nigeria. SPE: 78 DBA: 95 MEN: 82 In his peak Zola apparently scored 1 in every 3 freekics I believe. TWK: 85 ATT: 90 SPA: 90 Zola is a 29-year-old Supporting Striker from Italy. Sorua (Zola) plays for Classic Teams team Classic Italy in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. WFA: 8 LPS: 85 ACC: 84 Go look at all the best current free kick takers now, he wasn't any better than them, he wasn't. A forum dedicated to creating realistic PES stats, Moderators: lucashag, Adrien, Albo7, Korinov, jurgens, Brezza, Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 12, 19:46, Users browsing this forum: EspGameplayer and 0 guests. SPS: 82 I also agree that his curling could go down 2 or 3. PES Stats Fanon é uma comunidade Fandom Jogos. AGG: 78 BAL: 76 Oh well, a difference of opinion is good i suppose, although i think we can both agree what he has now is too high. See i can't really argue with your value EXCEPT for Zola who i would put on 94 - 95 max. TEC: 94 If there's someone who really deserves FK acc. S05 - 1-touch play FKA: 96 So Zola phenomenal player but overrated in quite a few areas. P09 - Early Cross He spent the first decade of his career playing in Italy, most notably with Napoli, alongside the legendary Argentinean Diego Maradona whom he learned many of his skills from. Sorua (Zola) PES 2013 Stats. S16 - One-Footed Roullette "If you are first you are first. Yes I agree there definetley but we need to get a right balance to please everyone maybe a. After his retirement in 2005 he has played in the Classic Italy under the name Sorua despite never winning 50 caps for his nation possibly down to the fact he was a late bloomer. STE: 93 STA: 78 If you are second, you are nothing" - Bill Shankly. Im not sure that he should be in the greatest of all time region ( 98-99) but he should certainly be in that. AGL: 88 Zola made his debut for Italy on 13 November 1991, in a Euro 1992 qualifier against Norway, which ended 1–1. SPW: 80 yes 94 is kinda an offense to Zola.. if he isn't in the god-region for FK then i don't know .. it should be 96 at the very least. Visit my alt thread: http://pesstatsdatabase.com/viewtopic.php?f=1011&t=25348. SAC: 84 ATT: 90 DEF: 40 BAL: 76 STA: 78 SPE: 78 ACC: 84 RES: 75 AGL: 88 DBA: 95 DBS: 82 SPA: 90 SPS: 82 LPA: 89 LPS: 85 SAC: 84 SPW: 80 STE: 93 FKA: 96 CUR: 97 HEA: 70 JUM: 75 TEC: 94 AGG: 78 MEN: 82 GKS: 50 TWK: 85 CON: 6 WFA: 8 WFF: 7 P05 - Trickster P09 - Early Cross P16 - Dummy Runner S02 - Passer S05 - 1-touch play S06 - Outside Curve S14 - Quick Turn S16 - One-Footed Roullette S21 - Super-Sub HEA: 70 DEF: 40 View stats of Chelsea Forward Gianfranco Zola, including goals scored, assists and appearances, on the official website of the Premier League. Zola is a free agent in Pro Evolution Soccer 5. CON: 6 S21 - Super-Sub, O conteúdo da comunidade está disponível sob. Nevertheless he is a useful player and deserving of a place in the team because of his good technical stats. Leve seus fandoms favoritos com você e fique por dentro de tudo.
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