Kratos pelea contra varios soldados espartanos hasta que Megera aparece desde atrás de una reja metálica entrando al campo de batalla. Megaera and the rest of the Furies pursue Kratos for breaking his bond with Ares. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Megaera is also seen as the "Troublemaker Fury" since she had destroyed most of the Prison of the Damned, Megaera insults Kratos' fighting ability by telling him, "You fight like an. In the single player demo, it remains a blue plume, being more likely a design change. However, Kratos dodges the Fury's first strike, causing her to break one of the chains holding his arms and enabling him to fight back. God of War: Ascension [NPUA80918] Started by Smoker1. God of War Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. It should be noted that Megaera wears a gold helmet with a red plume in the Furies trailer but, in the single player teaser, the helmet has a blue plume. 1 Mitología Griega 2 God of War: Ascension 3 Poderes y Habilidades 4 Curiosidades 5 Galería 6 Artículos relacionados Megera se presenta como una criatura… Megaera's Minions are organisms that have been infected by Megaera's Parasites and are forced to fight for the Fury against all those who stand in her way. For the full interview and more concept images, click here. Especie Megaera is one of the three Furies, or Erinyes, in Greek mythology. N/A Upon encountering Orkos in Delphi, Kratos is informed that the Furies were once fair in their judgement and punishment, but became ruthless because of Ares, the God of War whom convinced the Furies to help him conspire against Olympus. Ouranos (Father) †Tisiphone (sister) †Alecto (sister) †Aphrodite (sister)Orkos (nephew) †Kratos (Great-Nephew)Megaera's Parasites (off-spring) † Alias/es Origen To please his mothers, Orkos became the oath-keeper. Charybdis He turned against his mothers once they blinded his friend, Oracle Aletheia, and unjustly punished Kratos. Megaera is one of the Furies who pursue Kratos for breaking his bond with Ares. Doblaje This model and textures are the property of SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment. It could most likely be some kind of sado-sexual torture or their first encounter (battle) in the game, which was probably the one Alecto interrupted. 1 History 2 Appearance 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Navigation During the war against the Primordials, all the negativity created by the Furies. The sisters also have a subdued Orkos with them. After giving Kratos a thorough and brutal beating, Megaera reveals her face by sliding her cracked mask up and hits Kratos one last time, breaking the bond around his neck in the process. Kratos then recovers The Amulet of Uroborus from Megaera's corpse, allowing him to resume his journey. Evil-doer; Background information; Origin: God Of War: Ascension: Hero information; Full name: Megaera Alias: Megaera Occupation: Member of the Furies, Goddess of Vengeance Powers / Skills: Superhuman strength, Immortality, Spider-like arms, can summon parasite-like creature Megaera was known as "the Jealous One", as shown by the fact that she seems to be angered by Alecto's interruption while she was torturing Kratos. Como se revela en un recuerdo de Kratos, durante uno de sus encuentros esta perdió su brazo al ser cortado por las Espadas del Caos. During the battle, Megaera is harpooned with the Blades of Chaos and tossed off the Statue of Apollo. However, the child, Orkos, was considered weak by Ares and was thus disowned. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Megaera (God of War) From The MUGEN ARCHIVE wiki Unchecked. When Kratos was imprisoned, Megaera appeared in front of him. During Kratos's journey to Delos (shown in the second flashback of the game), he traverses the Statue of Apollo and eventually comes across an illusion of Sparta put together by Megaera and Tisiphone. Después de un violento forcejeo, Kratos le corta el brazo a Megera. When another wave of her minions fails to kill Kratos, Megaera uses her parasites to infect the Hecatonchires's head, forcing Kratos into an epic battle against the mutated giant. It should be noted that the blood that the Furies emerge from does not come from Ouranos in the opening of God of War: Ascension, instead, the blood that … Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. Megaera's power to secrete parasites is similar to how the Surinam Toad carries its young in its back. Female Nika Futterman Like her sisters, she was born from the blood of Ouranos when Cronos castrated him. Kratos dazed, Megaera draws her spider like-appendages. Megaera stated that Alecto was never one with manners, as she interrupted her "special time" with Kratos. Family Member/s After a long brutal fight between the two, Megaera is slammed through the wall and her mask gets damaged; she immediately counters by choking Kratos, who saves himself by tearing off Megaera's arm. María Elena Molina As Kratos fights illusion Spartans, Megaera also attacks and is able to stand against Kratos quite well, causing powerful shockwaves with her attacks. 6 posts in this topic. Megera era una de las tres Furias, junto con sus hermanas Alecto y Tisífone, encargadas de sentenciar a los culpables por sus crímenes cometidos. After a brief struggle, Kratos stabs Megaera in the chest and tosses her off the Hecatonchires. Before fighting Kratos her face was normal with pure skin and completion having no scars or bruises; after the fight with Kratos she sustains notable injuries with her face now having scars and an eye injury, and her right arm is gone. Megaera and the rest of the Furies pursue Kratos for breaking his bond with Ares. Desperate, Megaera releases another swarm of parasites that burrow into the giant's skin. También tiene la habilidad de controlar los cuerpos de otros, ya estén vivos o muertos, como si fueran marionetas, gracias al uso de unos parásitos que libera desde su pecho.
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