In the initial blackboard scene, Bart reads the phrase translated but the blackboard itself still shows the English words. En otras palabras, el Frinkiac del subdesarrollo! While the France version kept the original English, translating in the subtitles, the Quebec version changed the writing on the board directly to French. Due to disparate cultural differences, MBC pulled the show from their schedule. [2], Poplak said, "It is a lesson in cross-cultural adaptation, and a warning of how delicate a powerful piece of television art like The Simpsons actually is. Cartoons in Saudi Arabia are perceived as being for children, and adults, puzzled at why cartoons were airing during the post-Iftar time, chose to watch other channels. Poplak said, "Although Fattouh and MBC will give no figures, the licence fees from 20th Century Fox could not have been cheap. Generally, names are pronounced according to French pronunciation rules. In the Quebec version the ethnic minorities also have accents. Entdecken Sie La Cumbancha von Los Cariñosos bei Amazon Music. and "It was just painful. Podrás encontrar las mejores escenas y fragmentos, algunos episodios completos, especiales de noche de brujas, cortos antiguos y mas. In general these voice actors also do the characters who were voiced by celebrities in the American version. Amr Hosny, a scriptwriter who frequently adapts works for the Arab world, served as the writer. Otherwise, of course, we would have continued to do another season. In Italian, many other catch phrases are also translated: Bart's "Eat my shorts" becomes "Ciucciati il calzino" ("Suck the sock"). American cultural and political jokes are occasionally replaced with local references. Many characters are dubbed with strong local accents. Powerpoint and supporting worksheets for family members (extended family included - step brothers, grandson, cousin, niece, etc.). In the blackboard scene, Bart reads the phrase translated. Homer's friend, Lenny has an accent from the Brazilian northeast. According to Richard Poplak of the CBC, an ex-Disney employee in Lebanon told him that, in Poplak's words, "if a TV station can help it, they’ll excise references to Judaism from shows meant for the pan-Arab market. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Deezer: free music streaming. Season 30 Sep. 30, 2018 . The animation of the show is not changed, and what is written in English remains in English in the Spanish versions. In addition to being dubbed in Arabic (with subtitles provided for shots including written English, such as the chalkboards), references to alcohol, pork, and numerous other themes have been deleted or significantly modified. The show is titled D' Simpsons, an abbreviation for De Simpsons. About this resource. GCSE Spanish Reading Booklet Exam style questions, 62 Spanish Lessons for £2 - Year 7 - Viva 1 - Module 1, Spanish KS3 - End of year revision booklet (Viva 1), GCSE Spanish Bundle: 20 Resource Packs on 20 topics, AQA GCSE Spanish Me, My Family and Friends Revision Poster. The creative personalities behind Al-Shamshoun were Egyptian. los simpson cruzan la calle. Due to this, in one episode where Homer visits Canada, the roles of anglophones and francophones are completely reversed, resulting in a stereotypical English-Canadian speaking French and a stereotypical French-Canadian speaking English. In addition, most instances of the word "English" are changed to "French". It’s very close to the Egyptian point of view. All characters having roles in their name (Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, Groundskeeper Willie, etc.) 22-dic-2016 - Vicki Summers descrubrió este Pin. Login to your account. The main voices are dubbed by Norbert Gastell for Homer until season 26. [16]Finally, was chosen Carlos Isbert, a very popular voice actor with a huge career and who had been supporting actor on the Revilla's team, and who is Homer nowadays. Details about the dubbed version in Pakistan. Both of the versions are quite popular. 268 talking about this. Season 31 Sep. 29, 2019. season 30 Los Simpson. ), a watered-down form of the expletive "Oh putain!" In November 2012, Liù Bosisio and Ilaria Stagni, were replaced by Sonia Scotti (Marge), and Gaia Bolognesi (Bart). The Mexican version, it is common to hear local jokes or expressions, as well as references to Latin American pop-culture. Unlike in the original version, some names are stressed on the second syllable like Li'Sa, Mag'Gie or Nel'Son. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Arab people living in the middle of the United States, "D'oh! The team does about two episodes per day. Whenever Homer strangles Bart, he says "Na warte, du Kleiner ..." ("Wait you little ...") or "Du mieser Kleiner ..." ("You mean little ..."). La ganadora … Página oficial del primer buscador de escenas de Los Simpson en Latino de todo el mundo. For the Hispanic American version; the local jokes, expressions and words were deleted after the actors' strike, becoming more neutral. Several fans of the series and the rest of the Spanish cast were devastated after the death of Carlos Revilla due to his fame as Homer Simpson,[13][14][15] and Antena 3 had to find a substitute for Revilla's voice (as opposed to Dan Castellaneta's). "[1] Fattouh added "You see, culturally, it didn’t cross very well. Si, es obvio que para disfrutar los simpsons de forma integral se tiene que haber viajado,leido y visto si no es lo menos. [9][10] Régine Teyssot voiced nearly every secondary female and child character. In the Spanish version of The Simpsons Movie, the Tom Hanks cameo was dubbing by his habitual voice in Spain. In European Spanish, the rest of the family characters are played by Margarita de Francia (Marge), Isacha Mengíbar (Lisa) and Sara Vivas (Bart). In January 2005, the National Association of Actors opposed a proposal from Grabaciones y Doblajes Internationales (later New Art Dub), the dubbing studio responsible for producing the Hispanic American version, to allow hiring of non-trade actors. For instance, in the episode "The Springfield Files", where agents Mulder and Scully from The X-Files appear the voice actors who do their voices on the French version of the X-Files guest starred. Prohibido el ingreso a globoludos. Other translations in Hispanic America are: Barney Gumble as Barney Gómez, Chief Wiggum as Jefe Gorgory, Ralph Wiggum as Ralf/Rafa Gorgory, Reverend Lovejoy as Reverendo Alegría and Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby as Alcalde Diamante. La Familia Los Simpson Revision 3. doc, 222 KB. "[2], The show debuted after al-Iftar on October 4, 2005, the first night of Ramadan. Homer was dubbed by Han Song-Pae. mi capitulo favorito es cuando se quedan atrapados en la escuela por una nevada,Flanders y Homero van a rescatar a los niños y... aaaaaaaaaaaaa los simpsons, que sería hoy sin ellos. Local idioms are occasionally adopted in place of direct translation. Until 1994, ZDF broadcast The Simpsons in Germany. The sheiks insisted that Homer drink juice. (Oh darn! In a universe where Homer forgot to vote, the world as we know it dissolves into the apocalypse. In 2006, The Simpsons, along with other shows such as Pokémon, SpongeBob SquarePants and Mickey Mouse cartoons, were banned from being aired during primetime (5:00 to 8:00 PM) in China. Poplak said, "Instead, Springfield remained, and there was no coherent explanation given as to why a full Arab community exists within the middle of Middle America". Ver todos los capitulos y temporadas de los simpsons gratis , mira las temporadas completas de los simpsons en HD para tu celular o PC. In the France version of the show, many other catch phrases are also translated: Bart's "Eat my shorts" becomes "Va te faire shampouiner" ("Go shampoo yourself", similar to "go to hell"). 'The Shamshoons'). The animation of the show is changed: whenever something written in English appears on screen, the Italian version superimposes the translated phrase. As a result, Viasat 3 started to broadcast new episodes starting with season 6 from September 29, 2001. Homer is also unable to pronounce some terms like "bibliothèque" (library) and says "bibiliothèque". Jokes and pop cultural references from the original English version are generally maintained. The Simpsons is dubbed into the Spanish language in two versions, one for Spain, and another in Mexico targeted to all Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. [12] In July, from the sixteen season onwards, almost the entire cast was permanently replaced with new actors, who also were unable to dub The Simpsons Movie.
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