[40], After slightly over one and a half hours of deliberation,[note 4] the jury, citing "just too many loopholes" left in the prosecution's case, acquitted Kinne. Investigators speculated that Kinne had already crossed the border from Mexico into Guatemala, mooting the purpose of a Mexican manhunt. Serial Killer Sharon Kinne (aka) La Pistolera, the gunfighter, was active for 5 years between 1960-1964, known to have ( 3 confirmed / 3 possible ) victims.This Serial Killer was active in the following countries: United States, Mexico Sharon Kinne was born on November 30th 1939 in Independence, county seat of Jackson County, Missouri, United States. A January 1962 trial on charges of murdering her husband ended in conviction and a sentence of life imprisonment, but the verdict was overturned because of procedural irregularities. An airline pilot who’d originally owned the gun, remembered during trial that he’d test-fired the gun near Olathe, Ks., and the prosecution recessed the trial to go retrieve the slugs from that test-firing. On Dec. 7, 1969, Sharon Kinne disappeared from Ixtapalapa Women's Prison. [78], Pugliese, cleared of the charges against him, was deported to the U.S., but Kinne was convicted on October 18[2] of the homicide of Ordoñez. Owens did add when asked that he had not seen any food apparent in the stomach at autopsy. When the friend told Kinne that he had registered the gun in her name, she requested that he re-register it under a name other than hers. Wherever she is, Sharon Kinne will always be La Pistolera. [2] The couple were arraigned on September 26[73] and held for trial. Bond was set at $25,000. Boldizs and Walter Jones took polygraph tests and passed. [73] The gun found in the couple's room that night was later proven through ballistics to be the same gun that killed Patricia Jones in 1960,[74][75] but because Kinne had already been acquitted of that crime, she could not be charged again for it based on the new evidence. [100], Trial in the death of Patricia Jones (1961), First trial in the death of James Kinne (1962), Second trial in the death of James Kinne (1964), Third trial in the death of James Kinne (1964). [82] A manhunt was then arranged, initially focusing on the northern Mexican states[83] due to authorities' belief that Kinne may have been heading for the last known whereabouts of a former inmate to whom she had grown close while they were in prison together. Former FBI profiler Candice DeLong supports this assertion, stating that Kinne is a sociopath, lacking in remorse and empathy, and therefore had no compunction about killing to get what she wanted. [17] Further prosecution testimony alleged that the Kinnes' marriage had been on the verge of dissolution at the time of James' death, that Kinne's adultery had been a cause of this, and that Kinne had known that she would collect her husband's $29,000 in life insurance policies only if she were still his wife. So Sharon Kinne did the only sensible thing, for her: She shot James in the head while he was napping and said her 2-year-old daughter Danna did it while playing with daddy's gun -- a .22-caliber Hi-Standard pistol. However, a man who worked with Kinne admitted to having secretly purchased a new .22 caliber pistol at her request in the beginning of May. Jones told police that he put a knife to Kinne's throat and demanded that she tell him where Patricia was. Sharon took the stand and said Hopkins and Boldizs were lying. [68], After crossing the border, the couple registered at a local hotel, Hotel Gin, again as husband and wife. As time went by, she did admit to one reporter that things had improved. Roy Thrush, the man who sold the pistol to Kinne's coworker, had led police to a tree that contained what he claimed to be bullets he had fired from that pistol; however, when the bullets were extracted from the tree trunk, tests showed that the extracted bullets were not identifiable as having come from the weapon that killed Patricia. Before leaving, Sharon wrote a series of bad checks - which suggests she was not planning to return. Sharon Kinne was found not guilty in the murder of Patricia Jones. Sharon took a trip in mid-May, 1960, to Washington state to visit a cousin. Wounded, Rueda fled the room, locking Kinne inside, and called the police. Kinne was convicted in October 1965 of the Mexican crimes and sentenced to ten years in prison, later lengthened to thirteen years after judicial review. It appears she’d concluded her luck was running out in Kansas City. Three months later Sharon went on trial for the fourth time. Investigation into the shootings showed that Ordoñez was shot with the same weapon that killed Jones. [64], Police responding to Hotel La Vada arrested Kinne on charges of homicide and assault with a deadly weapon. On June 1, 1960, Sharon was charged with the murder of Patricia Jones and released on $20,000 bail. Justice on Fire is OConnor’s detailed account of the terrible explosion that led to the firefighters’ deaths and the terrible injustice that followed. In fact her mother had moved in with her to run interference with anyone who came around. She complained that her family hadn’t stuck by her – that a person with a family and some money could not only buy better food, but get out of prison on the weekends. Kinne escaped from the prison during a blackout in December 1969. Applause rang through the courtroom and one juror asked for her autograph. [23], According to Kinne's later testimony, on the afternoon of May 26, she contacted Patricia at her office[24] and told her that Walter was having an affair with Kinne's sister. There are those who argue that Sharon is dead – that only death could explain the fact she has never been caught. The bullets they retrieved failed to match the bullets that killed Patricia Jones. "[92], A $30,000 supersedeas bond was issued in August 1965 as the United Bond Insurance Company continued to dispute the payment of Kinne's original $25,000 bond. [48], Later interviews with jurors from the trial revealed that "three or four ballots" had been taken before the "guilty" verdict was reached, beginning with the jury solidly divided and moving progressively toward unanimity for conviction. They nevertheless provided a description of the unknown woman to Walter. When she returned she told Walter Jones she was pregnant, and demanded that he marry her. Sharon Elizabeth Kinne (born Sharon Elizabeth Hall, November 30, 1939), also known as Jeanette Pugliese and in Mexico as La Pistolera, is an American alleged multiple murderer who is the subject of the longest currently outstanding arrest warrant for murder in the history of Kansas City, Missouri; and one of the longest outstanding felony warrants in American history. [note 6] The couple later said that they had gone to Mexico to get married. Several weeks later she went to have air conditioning installed in her car, and the salesman talked her into trading for a new Thunderbird with air conditioning already installed – for $500 difference. [2][9] He spoke to his parents about the possibility of divorce on March 18, 1960, telling them that Kinne had agreed to give him one if he allowed her to keep the house and the couple's daughter and paid her $1,000. [43] Kinne was returned to jail the same day to await trial for the murder of her husband. When the Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the house just east of Independence, Mo., they found the gun lying on the bed beside James. [62], Kinne maintained later that she had had no intention of harming or killing Ordoñez, and had intended only to frighten him, but her bullets struck him in the chest and killed him. "[50] Kinne herself told reporters that she felt the verdict was a mistake, and that she regretted her previous enthusiasm for having a woman on the jury.[51]. There were other nearby bars also, but she had an affinity for the mob bars. [88] Despite vowing to keep the case open and their investigation running until Kinne was back in custody, authorities were forced to admit by the end of December 1969 that they had run out of investigative leads to pursue. [note 1][6], By early 1960, James was contemplating divorce, partially because of Kinne's spending habits and partially because he strongly suspected her infidelity.
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