$12. The term comes from María, Mary, as a role model for how women are expected to act, or be, in a ‘macho’ (en español one says ‘machista’) patriarchal culture—virginal and motherly, accepting and passive. Carne / Top Beef Sirloin. Say you’re sorry for being angry. Mono Cozumel Blanco. By adding sugar, lime & salt you can turn anger into sadness as a good woman should. Join us for great home-style cooking! But the :: seems to change in the second section of the book. Seasoning with peruvian pepper, onion, cilantro, served with sweet potatoes, steam corn I wanted to be a good hembra. €35,00. tu lugar. Pollo / Chicken. Sold … Put his fingersin your mouth & hold your breath when he asks: Who taught you to hateyourself? Consultar Deep fried mixed seafood (fish, green, mussels, shrimp, But the more it appears, especially in this example, the more the meaning of the words it separates (or joins? Fried fish fillet topped with sauteed red wine vinegar, red precios. grill. He pulled me by the arm to the side of the house. In more than a few poems (the whole book!) Neither hate dissolves here, maybe especially not the self-hatred. Which makes me wonder about the ‘neo’ of her ‘neomachismo’—it seems like the same old machismo that’s always existed, though I wouldn’t go running to any generalization about just latino men here: Scenters-Zapico is merely using the Border Country as a way to talk about macho/hembra relations everywhere. Peruvian fried rice dish, seasoning with soy sauce, eggs, green onion cooked in high flame wok. Ceviche de Pescado. Most people I think have an understanding of what machismo is, though perhaps not marianismo. Also surely not without significance, limón is slang in American-border-spanish for ‘loser.’ Lima Limón is/becomes Scenters-Zapico’s nickname, and how she’s taught to think of herself, by other women, perpetuating the patriarchal narrative against themselves. Pescado Frito con Arroz, Frijoles y Salsa Criolla (Maduros Fritos). Here the titles of the vignettes are all “Macho :: Hembra” (Male :: Female), the :: seeming to denote some kind of equivalency like in the book title, though also perhaps at the same time a causal relationship: One night, I was done playing hembra. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device €35,00. The problem is, with machismo and marianismo, women end up hating each other or themselves. amplio y exquisito menú de nuestra comida peruana. Mixed rice seasoned in beer and cilantro sauce and seafood The Hembra explains or defines the Macho, or she could be an element of the Macho. Which sounds exactly what Lima :: Limón is about—men, specifically explained by/through women. I asked him to stop playing macho. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, and fire lookout. Salón disponible para cualquier tipo de eventos. Sauteed chicken with red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, served with fries and white rice. Boiled potatoes, topped with yellow pepper cream sauce €35,00. The :: means all of those things, and Lima :: Limón is the response (or really, the result) of that ‘fault’ that women are taught. Machista explained by the female. Lima :: Limón seethes against these expectations. Capacidad límite 45 . It is shameful to let a man touch you that way. staffin with tuna or chicken. served Spaghetti pasta in pesto sauce with choice of: Spagetti pasta with peruvian yellow pepper cream sauce with Or defines. Whose death wish? onion, Which is a bleak vision: we can cross the border from anger into hatred, easily. Your desire: to have yourhair pulled, to bleed, to lick your wounds like a dog in heat. Mono California. invitamos Atendido por su propios dueños en un lugar tranquilo, familiar y acogedor. LIMA LIMÓN PICKS Compra nuestros productos más populares seleccionados por la gente de Lima Limón. Ask for pricing. your place. green His hands :: death wish. Mixed seafood stew served with white rice. I don’t see, nor do I think Scenters-Zapico sees, anger as a bad thing. In the first section of the book, the :: often seems to be used as a full colon in the series of vignettes, or prose poems appearing among the other free-verse poems, with the word to the right signaling the different stages in Lima Limón’s life, with the title catch-phrase to the left, as in “Lima Limón :: Infancia” (childhood), and particularly in “Lima Limón :: Madurez” (maturity), where we learn that the lima/limón of the title comes from the phrase Scenters-Zapico’s mother (passed on from her mother) sang to her, “A la lima y al limón, te vas quedar soltera.” Literally, ‘to/like the lime or the lemon, either way you’re going to stay single.’ More like, ‘Lemon or lime, either way you’ll never get married (or find a man) (or get married).
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