Of in Mexico City, of noem maar een stad of dorp in Mexico. Sinds de oprichting heeft de AAA een aantal pay-per-views georganiseerd en niet alleen in Mexico, maar ook in de Verenigde Staten en Japan shows gepromoot. Mexico’s Lucha Libre wrestlers set up ring in Xochimilco to fight COVID-19 The sport, with its theatrical stunts and tradition of heels vs faces, is clearly struggling to survive COVID-19 This will be a highlight in your trip while you discover real Mexican culture. Na voetbal is lucha libre verreweg ’s lands meest populaire sport. This came when one of the mayors of the Mexico City municipalities told the public that the government would be paying for a show of Lucha Libre this Saturday. Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA) is een Mexico professioneel worstelpromotie dat in 1992 opgericht werd door Antonio Peña. Lucha libre, a.k.a. Mexican wrestling, is a way of life for many people in Mexico City and a ‘sport’ with the second highest spectator rate after football in Mexico.It is also an increasingly popular tourist attraction, with thousands of annual visitors considering it a key part of Mexican culture. It was reported in various outlets that Lucha Libre could come back to its capital in Mexico City. Learn from your guide all about Lucha Libre while drinking mezcal (& the best guacamole). Live an unforgettable fight between "Good vs Evil" – “Tecnicos vs Rudos”. De bullebakken hebben ook een sinterklaasfactor: de stoere mannen in imposante tenues hebben een grote aantrekkingskracht op kinderen – vooral jongetjes, die … You’ll probably be familiar with at least the look of the lucha libre through pop culture references; think Jack Black’s Nacho Libre (2006).Just what exactly goes on at these rowdy spectacles? The funniest night you’ll have in Mexico City! Mexican wrestling, otherwise known as the lucha libre, is a highly traditional form of light entertainment masquerading as a ‘sport’ and bedecked in inhuman quantities of spandex and sequins.
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