The only thing I did not like is the stage lights going out after every song. June 15 - Boston, MA @ TD Garden Luis Miguel - Tour Amarte Es Un Placer, Concierto Grabado En El Auditorio Del Parque Fundidora De La Ciudad De Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. Aún hay fechas disponibles, vayan. A man who seems to believe in both quantity and quality, he has released 22 albums over his career so filtering them into a setlist is clearly a difficult task. Never again! This was one of the best concerts from Luis Miguel. Within three hours of the concert going on sale tickets had become sold out, showing the true popularity this artist had gained. Nevertheless, it was very enjoyable. As of today Luis Miguel has won five Grammy awards in the categories of: Best Mexican performance, Best Latin Male singer and various others. Join Songkick to track Luis Miguel and get concert alerts when they play near you. definitely worth traveling for ❤0. It's pretty pathetic when an artist of this caliber makes his packed house wait for one hour and 20 minutes before he showed his face and then didn't so much as utter a word of apology or gratitude of our patience. 2019. An icon in Latin America, Luis Miguel has enjoyed a commercially successful career that now spans over three decades. The tour will end in El Paso, TX on July 6. You will sing, dance and be in awe with the versatility and pristine performance of this talented man. The Toyota center is not good for sound. He is so not fat…he looks good. Las Vegas, NV, US . He has changed and so has the quality of his voice after all these years and that of course is natural and expected. He was turned more towards the side of the stage or towards the musicians. Win Free Tickets! Tucson Arena. View all past concerts. Biography. 134,421 fans get concert alerts for this artist. Rather, we display the inventory of trusted secondary market brokers who are offering to resell tickets. It was great to see him perform live again. The show was supposed to start at 8:30pm but it began at almost 10pm which was not nice for us, the audience, but still it was worth the wait. The six-time Latin Grammy winner will begin the 18-date tour -- produced by Live Nation -- on June 1 in Phoenix, Ariz., and is set to visit Chicago, Ill., Newark, N.J., Boston, Mass. Sang all the good songs, had the boleros with a piano, old & new and Mariachi songs. The Puerto-Rican born singer; Luis Miguel, has delighted fans since 1980 with powerful vocals, style and a natural charisma within the Latin genre. Twice he walked off the stage, it seemed he was mad about the technical difficulties. His voice is magnificent. This site does not charge your credit card and does not own or ship the tickets listed on our own website. In 2020, Miguel grossed $61.5 million globally, placing him at No. The last time I saw him in concert was over 15 or more years ago in NYC. He came on at 9:36pm. Absolutely impressive! June 19 - Atlanta, GA @ Infinite Energy Center He sang all the songs we were expecting with his amazing voice and brought the most amazing and espectacular mariachi I have ever seen in my entire life. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Want to see Luis Miguel in concert? Reviews from the concert the night before were knocking his appearance saying he's fat. The quality of the show, the vocal arrangements, the improvisation, the variety of his repertory is superb. I don't know if others noticed this but I did. Mit sechs Grammys und sechs Latin Grammys gehört er zu den erfolgreichsten Künstlern dieses Bereichs. Esperemos que así se mantenga. Mickey mi idolo. The only thing I thought was a bit odd was that it seemed many times he didn't face out towards the audience. Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (* 19. Nothing better! I personally think that there is nothing more appealing than a multi talented musician, and that is exactly what Luis Miguel is. He sung all my favorite songs too! Typical Luis Miguel he does not interact with the fans instead prefers to look at the screen where he can be checking himself out. He was fabulous! Had a wonderful time. June 14 - Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center Needless to say, I was frustrated for half the show. This prepared him as when he was 11, Luis released his first album through the Mexican branch of EMI, the album titled "Un Sol" would spark a tremendous career and lead to countless tours.
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