Hence you will have to choose a place that will give the tattoo artists the freedom to freely create a good representation of the Medusa tattoo you want. Right on top, there is a black inked circle that also adds to the geometrical feature. Medusa Greek tattoo design is an amazing design with the perfect color … A few of the most common places for Medusa tattoos are the thigh, leg, back, and arm. One thing remains constant: Minerva always punishes Medusa without addressing Neptune’s actions. So spend less time thinking and more time on your hunt for finding the perfect tattoo artist who can deliver you with the best Medusa tattoo. In some stories, Minerva/Athena transforms Medusa because she is jealous of her beauty. She has long luscious hair, a sweet face, and plenty of admirers. Of course, you can get your Medusa tattoo in any style you fancy. Men become angry when they feel a woman is owed to them, and will assault them as a result of that anger. Around her head are the famous snakes inked in black and grey that identify her as Medusa. Many people get a tattoo of Medusa tatted on their bodies to earn a sense of protectiveness from all the negativity surrounding them, especially to keep them away from all the haters. These do not change, no matter who is telling the tale. You may have come across many tattoo ideas, but this one has got to be one of the most exciting tattoos. Tattoos have a way of portraying this astonishing and magnificent look on your body that you can’t run away from. He confronts Medusa in her sleep, and uses a bronze shield to look at her. Check out our gallery- but don’t look directly in her eyes! Not many people will understand why you would go with a tattoo of Medusa. See more ideas about Tattoo designs, Medusa tattoo design, Sleeve tattoos. With amazing shading and contouring skills, you can definitely achieve the same type of tattoo and show it off on your forearm. Can’t decide on a design? Some other common meanings derived from this tattoo are magic, evil, transformation, personality, feminine power, lifecycle, death, jealousy, envy, and freedom. You will notice that most Medusa tattoos have snakes on her head. This tattoo features the face of Medusa inked in black, with pure white eyes and black tears falling out of her eyes to showcase some emotion. If you’re looking for a more serious tattoo, you’ll want to steer in a monochrome direction. Black and grey portraits give Medusa some slithery details without looking cartoonish. She is a chaste young woman, and one day goes to Minerva’s temple to worship. With Medusa’s unique features and ubiquitous reputation, the possibilities are endless. Check out our gallery- but don’t look directly in her eyes! The snake wrapped around her head also looks real enough thanks to the amazing inking skills of the tattoo artists. Are you embarking on a tumultuous task of your own? But in every story, King Polydectes orders Perseus to bring him the head of Medusa. 125 Medusa Tattoo Ideas that Are as Mysterious as Ever. This tattoo is also a good reminder to others that they should learn how to find the confidence in life and have the freedom to do whatever they want to because everyone deserves that. Some say Medusa was dating Neptune/Poiseden, and was punished for having sex with him in the temple. Medusa is dead, but her power lingers on, and Perseus can turn people to stone by pointing her head at them. If you want to go all out and achieve a fully descriptive Medusa tattoo, then consider getting that on your full body starting from your chest. Read on to deepen your knowledge of this intriguing serpentine figure.
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