Remote music industry jobs include a variety of positions with various duties and responsibilities. That is why we're hiring -- we have a lot of interesting work\n\nHere's the YouTube video showing how the plugin works:\n\n\n\nOne of the best testimonials we've gotten is that "These plugins close the door on the past." Thanks! The music field has a lot of different opportunities for people with varying skills, and there is no shortage of remote and online positions. That is why we're hiring -- we have a lot of interesting work\n\nHere's the YouTube promo showing how the plugin works.\n\nOne of the best testimonials we've gotten is that "These plugins close the door on the past." Magazine press and our fans loved it, so we have a wish list of hundreds of feature requests and ideas on what to build next. Work hours are flexible; requiring reasonable overlap with normal working hours to support team communications, and not just nights and weekends. We don't use crunch time\n\n* Our team is kind and talented. Beyond the aforementioned experience, you'd get a front-row seat to a fast-paced startup working on disrupting a large industry.\n\nWifi Music School works as a distributed team, with current members in New York City, Chicago, San Diego, and North Carolina. Founded by a seasoned entrepreneur and musician, Wifi Music School is an online marketplace for anyone to sign up for private music lessons, exclusively over Skype, with some of the finest musicians in the world.\n\nWe're looking for an intern to help us manage our blog-coverage campaigns as well as help us execute our new-student acquisition plans. \n\n#Salary\n - \n \n\n#Equity\n - \n\n\n#Location\nNew York City, A new, disruptive tech startup in the music education space is seeking a fantastic Teacher Outreach intern. \n\nWhat you’ll be doing: \n\n\n* Design, develop, and implement features within client-side apps (Android)\n\n* Consistently write readable, performant, scalable, and secure code\n\n* Deliver reliable software that’s on time, well-tested, and maintainable\n\n* Hooking the clients up to our RESTful API services\n\n* Continue to develop our UX and build beautiful functionality\n\n* Peer code review and follow standard development methodologies\n\n\n\n\nWhat we require: \n\n\n* Outstanding knowledge of Kotlin and/or React Native, and use of RESTful API services\n\n* At least 3 years of development experience at a senior level\n\n* High comfortability with Git\n\n* Experience with handling various types of media (variable audio/video streaming) and/or big data\n\n* Experience developing for highly available, horizontally scalable services\n\n* A deep understanding of the Android native platform\n\n* A keen eye for designs being translated from iOS to Android\n\n* S. degree or equivalent education\n\n* Excellent English writing and communication skills\n\n* Legal right to work in the US\n\n\n\n\nBonus points: \n\n\n* Open source projects\n\n* Have a love for music or play an instrument\n\n\n\n\nBenefits: \n\n\n* Cutting edge technology, solving exciting problems intended for national consumption \n\n* Hard working teammates who put the team and product first\n\n* No commute - 100% remote\n\n* Competitive compensation\n\n* Equity opportunities\n\n* Health, dental, and vision insurance plans\n\n* 401k plans\n\n\n. The ideal candidate:\n\n\n* enjoys coding from end-to-end: from writing code that draws a button to creating an intuitive layout to writing an SQL statement that writes to MySQL\n\n* is fluent in javascript, HTML5, CSS and works confidently with php, MySQL, AJAX, JSON\n\n* has learned music, performed music, and/or taught music, and for whom music remains a significant part of life\n\n* quickly learns new things on the fly\n\n* tests own code thoroughly before committing\n\n* commits frequently\n\n* exhibits pride of work\n\n* loves the ability to push changes to the live server so more users can benefit from improvements sooner rather than later\n\n* finds peace in balancing what could be, should be, can be, with will be done\n\n* is comfortable participating on occasion in customer technical support calls when needed to directly hear the customer’s experience\n\n* admires new solutions for old problems and aspires to create them: Uber, AirBnB, Duolingo are good examples where user-first, user-friendly teams created alternative solutions to the status quo and provided new happiness for millions of users\n\n\n, \nWHY APPLY:\n\n\n* You are compelled by the mission of empowering every kid in the world to make music.
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