? COULD (expresses possibility) Affirmative Sentences I / could / practice / rock and mountain climbing. Preguntas sobre ejemplos de oraciones con, y la definición y uso de "Could" Significados de palabras y frases; Ejemplos de oraciones; Traducciones; Otros tipos de preguntas; El significado de "Could" en varias frases y oraciones . Can-Could / Am-Is-Are...Was-Were Able to are mostly used in a similar way, however there are some rules and differences. My brother isn't able to drive a car 2. - Yes, you can take one. – ¿Puedo coger uno? Q: ¿Qué significa What is he saying? Poder en el sentido de permiso en oraciones interrogativas y negativas, y en el de prohibición, en las negativas: - Can I take one? - No, you can’t have a biscuit before lunch. To talk about an ability in the present, we use “can” or “be able to” I can / am able to speak 2 languages. Jacobo Erice. Con los verbos de percepción como to feel (sentir) to see (ver). - Ejercicios - Can / Could - 1.- Elige "Can" / "Could" / "Be able" para completar las siguientes oraciones, según sea la forma más habitual: {ejercicio:completar} come with us to the party You a if it started to get hot tomorrow I could buy an ice cream I should drink a lot of water If I had to save water if there was a green campaign in my community I could collect rainwater for irrigation I shouldn´t spend water playing I could donate clothes and disused items. Give up significa darse por vencido. She came here to ask for money; She asked me for money; She asked me for help; She didn’t ask for permission; Oraciones con Ask. Pablo Escrivá de Romaní Blanco . 1. Could you please check out his voice? I would Question 1. Victoria Agustina Garcia Sebben. I don’t want to give up; She is gonna give up; I gave up; Give away es dar algo sin obtener algo a cambio, algunas definiciones indican que give away es regalar aquellos que no necesitas. Oraciones con Could y Hobbies. ORACIONES COULD ingles ll; could; oraciones; Resource summary. Oraciones con Give: Phrasal Verbs. Question ... Tipos de oraciones -con ejemplos-Adri Cañizo. I asked if I could go; She asked if she was allowed to enter the facilities; We asked if we could go to the beach; Ask your dad if you can come with us; Usamos el verbo ask para pedir o solicitar algo. ... Otros usos de can 1. Irene Rubio. – Si, puedes coger uno. ELEMENTOS GRAMATICALES. El verbo give se puede con otras palabras para formar lo que conocemos en Inglés como Phrasal verbs. Oración Subordinada Adjetiva. subjet auxiliary verb complement (hobbies) I / could / practice / cycling. Test sobre oraciones. She / could / play / volleyball in the beach. Pablo Escrivá de Romaní/ Tarea Colaborativa Lengua II. He can / is able to swim. oraciones con hobbies y ejemplos de could martes, 31 de mayo de 2011.
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