Baldur | Perses | Gyges | God of War: Ascension Persian Army | Helios | He was commonly said to have accomplished this feat with a variety of magical items lent to him by the gods, including a helmet of invisibility, the winged sandals of Hermes, a magical sword, a special pouch to store Medusa's head, and a reflective shield that allowed him to find and kill the Gorgon without actually looking at her and turning to stone. Skorpius | Are you watching me now, Sisters? In-Game Information Persian King | After Kratos destroys the helmet, Perseus still has his sword and shield. Eventually, Kratos reaches the bathing house where Perseus is trapped and shuts the door, unknowingly trapping himself inside with Perseus. Current status Polyphemus | He then kills his half-brother, by throwing him through a wall to impale him on a hook. He also uses a large variety of items given to him by various Gods. Argos Thinking this was a test from the Sisters of Fate, Perseus confronted Kratos. As many who traveled to the Island of Creation, Perseus was desperate to change his fate, in his case to save his loved one. Basilisk | Gender God of War II Editar. Hermes | Cerberus | Piraeus Lion | Perseus was originally meant to have Harry Hamlin's Clash of the Titans appearance. Freya, Creatures in God of War Perseus' original appearance was modeled after Harry Hamlin's portrayal of the character in the 1981 film, but due to copyright restrictions his appearance was changed. Family Member/s Hades | He also has a helmet called the Hades' Helm which grants him invisibility. Modi | Thor | Valkyries | Typhon | Perseus's appearance in this game is modeled after his voice actor, Harry Hamlin, who had previously portrayed the character in the 1981. Stheno, God Of War: Chains Of Olympus However, in his fight with Kratos, he saw the Spartan's strength and realized his error in his judgment. Assassin | Perseo emprendió un viaje hacia la Isla de la Creación, en donde buscaba una audiencia con las Hermanas del Destino para traer a su amor, Andrómeda, del mismísimo Hades. Perseus, in Greek mythology, was the great-grandfather of Hercules. Am I, the great Perseus, to kill this fallen God to receive an audience with you? Morpheus | As Kratos would be the reason that he lost Andromeda in the first place, his actions would be driven by hate, instead of pride and ambition. Male Powers/Skills By throwing Perseus through the wall, he also manages to make his way out of the bathing house to continue his quest. Trolls | Callisto | God of War: Ascension (Multiplayer-skin)God of War II. Kerosians | Draugr | Demigods | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Tragic Fighter. Beyond this, Perseus only appears in God of War II. Disciples of Ares | Colossus of Rhodes | Deceased Chimera | They had one child noted in mythology, Hecate, honoured by Zeus above all others as the goddess of magic, crossroads, and witchcraft. Give me a sign! Hades Cerberus Breeder | Information Gioco Modifica. Perseus is famous in Greek mythology for having slain the gorgon Medusa. Atlas | The Slayer of Gods. Zeus, God Of War (PS4) It could possible he simply had nothing to say to Perseus and wanted him to get out of the way. When Perseus is impaled on the hook, he is facing the door Kratos entered through, but on the ground floor, he is facing the direction Kratos has to go. Pothia | Perseus is a demigod, so he has great physical strength and stamina. Harpies | Griffin | Gaia | Hydra | He was wed to Asteria (daughter of Phoebe and Coeus). Kill Kratos in order to gain the Sisters of Fate's attention. Revenant | He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa for Polydectes and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus. He may have killed a lesser Gorgon or maybe even Stheno, as his shield has the face of a Gorgon engraved in it. Barbarians | Rocs | Mole Cerberus | Pandora's Guardian | Goals It is possible that Perseus is solely known for being a demigod. Species/Race Máttugr Helson, Others Zeus (father) †Danae (mother) †Gaia (great-grandmother) †Cronos (grandfather) †Rhea (grandmother)Hyperion (great-uncle)†Oceanus (great-uncle)†Gyges (great-uncle)†Aegaeon (great-uncle)†Aphrodite (great-aunt)The Furies (great-aunts)†Hera (step-mother/aunt) †Hades (uncle) †Poseidon (uncle) †Theseus (cousin) †Kratos (half-brother)Deimos (half-brother) †Ares (half-brother) †Athena (half-sister) †Artemis (half-sister)Apollo (half-brother)Hermes (half-brother) †Persephone (half-sister) †Hercules (half-brother), (great-grandson) (in Mythology) †Minos (half-brother) †Hephaestus (half-brother) †Peirithous (half-brother) †Faye (half-sister in law) †Atreus (half-nephew) Ares, God of War Comics Sirens | Kratos' Ghost | Hobby Manticore | Gorgons | Cancel Unsubscribe. Voiced by Dark Rider/Dark Griffin | However, in the first God of War game, it is Kratoswho kills the Gorgon, thus leaving unclear what made Perseus a hero in the game's universe. Perseus' role in the God of War series creates a plothole in the series' mythology. Due to Kratos using the power of the Sisters of Fate to return in time to the moment Zeus killed him, it's possible that Perseus, as well as everyone else killed by Kratos after this moment, are alive due to changing the timeline. He skilled with a sword, uses a sling to throw projectitles, and a shield that can generate a blinding light. Centaurs | Evil-doer In the first part of the battle, he uses Hades' Helm to turn invisible. God of War || Juego VS Mito || Perseo - Héroe y semidios La Caverna del Gamer. Hera | Alias/es When Kratos destroys Perseus' sword, Perseus will processed to creating a blinding light that tempoary blinds Kratos, which leaves him vunerable to any attacks if he doesn't get out the daze. After Kratos breaks his sword, he then uses the shield to reflect the light of the sun, which can then blind Kratos momentarily, leaving him open to attacks. Argos | While the circumstances of Andromeda's death aren't explained in the game, Perseus seems to feel entitled to her affections despite only having met her for the first time on the day of her sacrifice. In Greek myth, Perseus was the famous hero who killed the Gorgon, Medusa. Hercules | Arms of Hades | Cyclops | Appears in At first he pleaded for Kratos' help because he was trapped, but when Kratos managed to enter into the room, the door closed leaving both Perseus and Kratos trapped. Demigod Elemental Talos | Reach the Sisters of Fate to revive his love.Kill Kratos in order to gain the Sisters of Fate's attention. Euryale | Erinys | When Kratos was figuring out a way to get to the Temple of the Sisters of Fate, he came across Perseus, who was trapped in a room with no exits. Beyond this, Perseus only appears in God of War II. None Perseus' role in the God of War series creates a plothole in the series' mythology. However, at some point he became trapped in a large bathing house above the Hall of Atropos.
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