Who knows! (= I can see that it will rain.) Con Lingolia Plus tendrás acceso a 18 ejercicios adicionales sobre Future tenses, así como 713 ejercicios online para mejorar tu inglés que podrás disfrutar durante tres meses por solo 10,49 euros (≈ $12,48). / No te preocupes, ellos estarán aquí a tiempo. We use will + infinitive without to: to make a prediction about the distant, uncertain future; He will become a great engineer. I think it's going to rain. / ¿Estarás en casa para la cena? / Nunca adivinarán la respuesta Don’t worry, they will be here on time. We use the following phrases when predicting the future: "I predict that someday people will live on the moon." "In the near future, aliens will visit the earth." They will never guess the answer. We can use “will” to talk about the future and make predictions. to make a request; Will you lend me your laptop ? Can you come later? Future : will / be going to WILL + infinitive without to. to offer our help to somebody or to make a promise; We will help you with your schoolwork. Making deductions about the future is the same as making predictions. to make predictions based on evidence we can see: Be careful! So will they come true? / Te veré la semana próxima. future tense exercise. I will see you next week. We might take a road trip this weekend. Infórmate aquí sobre Lingolia Plus. It practices the use of WILL and WON´T for future predictions in the context of global warming effects. In English, you can learn more about things that are about to happen with Be going to;. "In the distant future, everyone in the world will be able to speak english." Future tenses - ejercicios. (= I can see that you might fall.) Future Tenses - Extra Practice. You are going to fall. 5. She could be very successful someday. / No admitiré algo que no hice. The future simple in its interrogative form ask something about predictions, beliefs or intentions about the future.You can also deny something with Affirmative form and ask something with Interrogative form.. Your daughter is really smart. Stick around long enough and you just may find out. Look at those black clouds. Let's look how we can make predictions (noun) - when you say what will happen in the future. Will you be home for dinner? I won’t admit something that I didn’t do. Ejemplos de futuro simple en inglés. We use will be with an -ing form for something happening before and after a specific time in the future: I'll be working at eight o'clock. As you learned in the lesson about future tenses, we can use ... Future: The weather forecast says it may rain tomorrow. It also deals with THERE WILL BE + MORE, LESS and FEWER for future changes. At B1 you can learn about actions will be in progress in the future with the Future continuous; Future tenses – ejercicios ¿Te gustaría practicar más? Here are 30 predictions about the future that may surprise or even shock you—but one thing is certain: They're backed by some pretty smart people. Are they getting closer to reality even as you read this? And for more amazing trivia, don't miss the
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