I think the exam will be very difficult and you are not studying at all. It's going to rain! 1. Future: be going to exercises: elementary and intermediate level. We sometimes also use the present continuous for planned events in the near future. Would you like to learn English abroad? you are not going to fail the exam you are not passing the exam you are not going to pass the exam. It's Saturday morning. John's going to help me. (John va m'aider) ---prédiction on utilise l'expression 'be going to' pour parler d'un événement futur lorsque l'on est sûr ou quasiment sûr qu'il va se produire It's 10.30, you are going to miss the train! Going to is used with predictions. 2021 Predictions, 2021 World Predictions, 2021 Prophecies, Predictions for 2021, Prophecies for 2021, Psychic Predictions 2021, Psychic Lisa Paron, Covid 19 Predictions, US Election Winner, World Events, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, NASA, SpaceX. Such predictions are based on present evidence: I'm going to faint. I looked into my crystal ball and scryed like Nostradamus to see what 2021 will bring. My sister is going to have a baby. Be going to is used to predict future events that are very near (and can be seen) or seem sure to happen. 2. 1. Future predictions with 'going to' Black clouds? 10000+ результатов для 'predictions with going to' What are you going to do? You can't get to the station in time. No thanks. I feel awful. When we want to talk about future facts or things we believe to be true about the future, we use will. Thunder? It doesn't look very stable at all. 5. Get down off that table. Future tense in English exercises There are many ways to talk about the future in English. I've broken the vase. 2. Will / Be Going To Predictions TO EXPRESS A prediction Will or Be Going To A prior Plan Be Going To Is Used Willingness Will Match the sentences on the left with the predictions on the right. Going To for Predictions. Откройте поле. Look at the clouds; it's going to rain. 3. Fred can't keep a secret. 6. Choose the best ending for each of these situations. от Irishja84 The kids are tired out. The referee is looking at his watch. When you are making a decision use will; use going to after the decision has been made. 4.
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