B: I know. There are two ways to talk about the future.. We use the future simple (with will) to make a general prediction and to begoing to to predict the near future which seems sure to happen. He is very hard-working. We’ re going to have an accident! 1A: We don’t have any bread. :) I 'll buygoing to buy'm going to buy some. 7A: Why are you carrying your laptop? Sometimes there’s little difference between will  and be going to for predictions. Use be going to to talk about something that you see is going to happen (there is present evidence). For example: — “I believe I will be at the airport at 22:30, my flight is at midnight” = I am making a prediction. Learn English online Forms . B: I will to dowill do'm going to do some homework on the train. Elementary and intermediate level esl. Use be going to for decisions that you have already taken at the moment of speaking (intentions or plans). The doctor said I’ m going to have a girl. He will be a good doctor. Predictions Use will to talk about something that you think will happen.. 10If you take a look at this graphic, you can see that the economy is going to getwill getis going get worse very soon. 8A: I can't find my keys. B: I 'm going to help'll helpwill to help you look for them. (To talk about time-tabled future events, we use simple present tense.) Free Practice Tests for learners of English. Exercises: will and be going to. 4. 6. I think he’ ll win the election. B: I 'll work'm going to workgoing to work in a hospital in Africa. B: Don't worry. B: I 'm going to turngoing to turn'll turn the heating on. Use WILL for predictions, to talk about things we think or believe will happen in the future. Elementary and intermediate level esl. (If there is external evidence we use ‘going to’ to make future predictions.) 6A: All the lights have gone off! By continuing you agree to our use of cookies. 3A: Why do you need to borrow my suitcase? Use will to talk about something that you think will happen. 4A: I’m really cold. Hope you like it! future tense exercise. B: Really? Futures tenses in English. 7. I 'll get'm going to getwill to get some from the shop then. I 'm going to takewill to take'll take a look. 2A: We don’t have any bread. The flight departs at 9 pm. I’m going to meet your dad tomorrow afternoon. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Will and be going to exercises. Futures tenses in English. 3. 5A: What are your plans after you leave university? I 'm going to buy'll buywill to buy them online now. 9A: Did you remember to buy the tickets? Advertisements. will / be going to for prediction You are going to fall. 5. ; Use be going to to talk about something that you see is going to happen (there is present evidence).. Don’t drive like a crazy man. B: Oh no, I forgot! Compare: Use will for decisions that you take at the moment of speaking (instant decisions). They have different structures. B: Because I going to visit'm going to visit'll visit my mother in Scotland next month. Careful! I took some money from your purse. She is going to / will graduate next year.
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