Earthrise carries over the Selects exclusives to a wider scale, but also features the Cybertronian Villians and Galactic Odyssey Collection sublines. Some Deluxe Class figures are classified as "Deluxe Weaponizers," which can be disassembled into multiple weapons to be used in the C.O.M.B.A.T. The Weaponizers and Modulators have been replaced with the "Fossilizers", skeletal beasts with robotic connective structures who break apart into weapons and armor for other toys using "F.O.S.S.I.L. Filter by. Notably, robot mode scale plays a much larger role in this series than in the past, with characters sticking fairly close to their relative heights in the original cartoon. First revealed in mid- 2018 at San Diego Comic-Con, War for Cybertron: Siege, in keeping with the installments of the Prime … Each wave has a pair of new Battle Master characters and a set of classic characters with weapon modes. The deluxe scale figures often had minimal drybrush-applied paint that cleaned off easily, while the voyager scaled figures, which had the battle damage paint printed onto them, were much more difficult to clean. Most toys in the line also have "battle damage" paint on them somewhere, though the amount of fake-scuffing varies from figure to figure: Mirage is near-pristine, while Soundwave and Starscream have tons of it. Many buyers attempted to remove the battle damage paint using isopropyl alcohol. These "Leader Unboxing" figures are presented in windowless boxes designed to look like Cybertronian ammo crates. Chapter 2: "Earthrise" Adding to the oddity are Core Class versions of bots like Optimus Prime, which.... yyyyyyeah. Even larger toys with tertiary base modes have A.I.R. Coded sections of the box contain spoilers for episodes of the accompanying show. DISCOVER ALL. Announced by Hasbro Pulse on July 15, 2019, Unicron is the largest and most expensive Transformers toy ever produced, and the first to be released as a crowdfunded project from HasLab. The toys feature battle damage and grim coloring far more than the character models used on the show. These are shared exclusives between online retailers and Walmart stores. On top of that, there are many War for Cybertron Trilogy toys that do not belong to any one of these sub-lines, being branded as simply part of the overall Trilogy. Replacing the Prime Masters from the last toyline are "Battle Masters", small Targetmaster-type figures that can combine with other weapons and figures. The War for Cybertron Trilogy is Hasbro's designation for a segment of the Transformers: Generations line that launched in the holiday season of 2018. Leader Class figures are very similar to Power of the Primes, in which smaller figures come with additional armor that can be added to vehicle mode or robot mode to increase their size to become the height of a Leader Class figure. With the exception of three exclusives not based on the Netflix cartoon and the Leader Class toys, the line is exclusive to Walmart in Canada and the US. Each wave features three battle-damaged redecoes of pre-existing toys and two original decoes (or toolings, in the case of Wave 2). Please note that the exclusivity listed below (except for Amazon) only applies to the United States. As per brand unification, Hasbro Selects figures are sometimes, though not consistently, made available for Japanese fans via TakaraTomy Mall. While only the overarching War for Cybertron Trilogy logo is used on the line, the first waves of the Deluxe and Voyager Class assortments feature the Siege box mural on their packaging, and the second waves similarly feature the Earthrise mural. Earthrise also adds two "new" factions to the conflict, with the vicious Mercenaries and the Quintessons now joining the fray, including the first-ever toy of the five-faced Generation 1 Quintesson Judge! Selects toys released concurrently with Earthrise are only labeled War for Cybertron Trilogy (even though the Spy Patrol set was shown as part of Earthrise during the Toy Fair 2020 presentation). War For Cybertron: Siege is a subline imprint of the Generations toyline, and the first portion of the War for Cybertron Trilogy. TakaraTomy released War for Cybertron Trilogy toys at general retail beginning in September 2020, with no notable changes from the Hasbro releases. War For Cybertron: Earthrise is a subline imprint of the Generations toyline, and the second portion of the War for Cybertron Trilogy . SHOCKWAVE. War for Cybertron: Siege - Hidden Messages, Games, Videos, Toys - Transformers. A subline for the concurrently-ran Studio Series toyline was introduced in 2021, featuring characters from The Transformers: The Movie, in celebration of that film's 35th anniversary. Even an original deco for the show, Decepticon Mirage, isn't colored accurately to the on-screen model. Starting with this toyline, many of the Deluxe and upwards figures are downsized, the Leaders (plus additions) either being just a head short of a Voyager class figure from previous lines, or simply being Voyager core figures sold with extra parts to make up the price point. The toys are in the same style and scale as those from the War for Cybertron Trilogy line. game on the Transformers website. Lock connections as well, letting you build "cities" how you like. The effectiveness of this treatment varies from figure to figure. Announced at New York Toy Fair 2019, Combat Megatron was exclusively available in the United States via online retailers such as BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Hasbro Toy Shop's eBay, and Hasbro's new replacement for the Hasbro Toy Shop site, Hasbro Pulse. Lock System", in which the new Battle Masters transform into shields/ramps/roads with interlocking connector points. The line aims to serve as a back-to-basics approach to Transformers, with a focus on media accuracy, interchangeable weaponry, articulation, and a (mostly) consistent robot mode scale . Another line-wide feature is battle-damaged paint jobs on Deluxe-and-up figures to fit with the gritty "war" aspect. The Beast Wars characters maintain rough scale to each other as they were depicted in the cartoon, and even though few attempts are made, they're obviously out of scale next to the largely-to-scale-with-each-other Generation 1 bots, who generally should tower over most of the Maximals and Predacons.
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