Your kids will love it. Shape - Since kids aren’t going to need high performance specialty bags kids sleeping bags fall into two basic design categories: rectangular and mummy. The makers of the Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks Kids Sleeping Bag are rightly proud of the fact that it’s unlikely to cause any sort of irritation or allergic reaction in your child’s skin. We’ve made your choice a bit simpler by selecting ten of the best backpacking sleeping bags for different price ranges and seasonal needs. Sleeping Bag Ultraligero Naturehike NH15S003-... naturehike. The Woobie, like the company’s Big Dipper kids sleeping bag reviewed above, is lofty, comfy, roomy and durable. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 7Coleman Plum Fun 45 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag, 9Olive Kids Trains, Planes & Trucks Kids Sleeping Bag, Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks Kids Sleeping Bag, Coleman Illumi-Bug 45 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag, Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree Kids sleeping bag. Mostly because kids aren’t going to be exposing themselves to the kind of extreme environments adult mountaineers will. When you take the kids with you camping there are a slew of things to consider regarding their safety and comfort. When combined with the company’s Cloud Loft Insulation your young one will have no problem staying comfy and cozy even when the weather in the campsite takes an unseasonable turn. Water-Repellent Finish (to keep you dry even in damp conditions), External Stash Pocket For Storing Nighttime Necessities, Anti-Snag Zipper Keeps Bag Fabric Out Of Zipper, Off-Side Partial Zipper For Drying And Ventilation, Long Wide Size Available For Larger Users, Water Repellent Finish (to keep you dry even in damp conditions), Draft Tube Backs Zipper To Keep Cold Air Out, Heater Pocket In Footbox (heater packets sold separately), Anti-Snag Zipper Keeps Bag Fabric Out Of The Zipper, Wrap-Around Footbox Adds Space and Warmth, Anti-Snag Zipper Keeps Fabric From Getting Caught In The Zipper, Cross-Baffle Construction Prevents Cold Spots, Reinforced Footbox To Accommodate Boot Liners And Water Bottle, Rectangular Shape Offers More Space Than Traditional Mummy-shaped Bag, Can Be Zipped To A Second Sleeping Bag (sold separately), High-Quality Water-Resistant Down (to keep you dry even in damp conditions), Multiple Zippers Allow For Maximum Ventilation, Connectors Integrate Bag With Therm-A-Rest Mattress (not included), Incredibly Light And Compact (yes, we said that twice… because seriously, it is), Proprietary Lightweight Synthetic Insulation, Loops For Attaching Bag To A Sleeping Pad, Innovative 2-Part Design Delivers 3 Bags In One. Note: Ratings for kids sleeping bags should be taken with a grain of salt because while most adult bags are rated using the EN System, kids sleeping bags are not. Temperature ratings are a general guideline, and actual performance will depend on the conditions, the pad you use, the clothes you wear, and how much warmth you need. The Never Summer is by no means cheap, but it’s about as cheap as you can get for a true winter sleeping bag that will keep you warm when the temperature dives well below freezing. Loading... Unsubscribe from The Dream Bag Colombia? It’s not easy: there are hundreds of bags on the market, offering different shapes, sizes, insulation types, and temperature ratings at wildly different prices. It’s that well-made and effective. So we’re going to include manufacturer’s ratings for kids bags but you should only use these ratings to get a ballpark idea what the bag will do. Pair this bag with a good quality insulating pad and it will keep you warm at well below freezing temperatures while adding only marginally more weight and bulk to your load than a good summer bag. Those younger kids in camp will adore the glow in the dark design of this Ace Camp Sleeping Bag. Remember that it may get colder than you expect! An “ISO” or “EN” temperature rating is based on a standardized test that assigns two numbers: a “comfort” rating and a “lower limit” rating. The Marmot Col is an expensive piece of gear, but if you plan to camp in true subzero conditions you don’t want to be cutting corners on your sleeping bag. There are few feelings as delicious as snuggling into a warm sleeping bag at the end of a glorious day on the trail, and there are few feelings as disturbing as sliding into your sleeping bag and realizing that it’s not warm enough and you’re in for a sleepless, shivering night. Even with all that I was cold. Which junior sleeping bag you buy for your child will depend on the weight you give to the various considerations outlined above. Other features include the ability to zip 2 of these kids sleeping bags together and the fact that when it’s time to break camp the Plum Fun will roll up nice and tidy due to Coleman’s Roll Control system. “Budget” is a relative term here. Check the weight, and look at the stuff sack size to see how much space the bag will take up in your pack. Size - You don’t want to get a kids sleeping bag that’s so big your 5 year old will get lost in it. Some manufacturers quote stuff sack size in external dimensions (in inches), others in volume (usually in liters). This kids ultra lightweight and compact sleeping bag from Revealcamp weighs approximately 2 pounds and is a versatile and affordable option. It presents the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and portability as well as durability. If you need a quality sleeping bag and you’re not ready to lay out the coin for a premium down bag, or if you’re looking at camping in wetter-than-usual conditions, the Marmot Trestles 30 makes an excellent compromise choice. Sleeping bags. All shell fabrics are a compromise between weight and strength: you want it to be light, but you don’t want to rip or puncture it! (3 layers), Min: 2 lbs. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Your sleeping bag can make or break your backpacking trip, so you need to choose the right one. With a 100% polyester filling and an outer lining of cotton, this artificial whale-like sleeping.. The Dream Bag Colombia. If you see two figures, the bag has probably been ISO or EN tested. The bag is lightweight, large enough to accommodate kids up to 5’ tall, features plenty of quilted insulation that won’t bunch up and create cold spots and has a full-length baffle that prevents drafts through the zipper. It’s a great looking bag, nice and light, and has a generously sized interior pocket for mobile phones, jewelry, gloves or whatever else needs to be stored for the night. When not outdoors, Andy contributes his expert knowledge to our survival and outdoor department. We hope you find the above reviews and buyer’s guide information useful in determining which child’s sleeping bag is best for your youngster and be sure to check back on a regular basis for more product reviews from Again though, if you’re driving into the campsite and setting up next to the car the weight of the bag isn’t going to matter. You want your sleeping bag to be light, compact, comfortable, and warm. It’s a pretty long bag that will easily accommodate most teenagers as well as smaller adults and it’s machine washable like most of Coleman’s kids sleeping bags. Additional thermal insulated protection around shoulders, Comes with storage bag featuring adjustable carry straps, 2 colors and 2 temperature options available. Could you point me in a direction? While there are many factors that influence whether your child sleeps well while camping (including whether they’re using a sleeping pad under the bag, the quality of the tent and the number of others in the tent to name a few) it’s the bag that has the biggest say.
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