Yo aun busco a ver si encuentro una de 2005 sino Spec. Both companies’ high-end models surpass the $10,000 price range, with Trek offering its high-end race models over $12,000. Specialized uses the best components on the market to complement their fantastic bikes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They offer high-quality and performant products in the mountain and road bike categories. I learned an hour ago that the frame has cracked and it needs an entire new one under warranty. None of these companies, however, offer products made of titanium frames. Adventure bikes include gravel and cyclocross bikes — such as Specialized “Women’s Diverge E5” — which are extremely versatile. (3). Specialized make bikes for everyone, from beginners to experts, men, women, and children. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Most novices mistakenly use these terms to define a type of bike. This braking pivot means the suspension shouldn’t lock up when the rear brake is engaged. If you’re looking for precision, strength, top-end components and supreme designs, and you’re looking to drop a few thousand, then Specialized can make all your dreams come true. They also include various types of suspensions — which we’ll further elaborate on — to handle shocks and difficult trails. If your budget allows, full-suspension models give easier access to technical trails, where you may need to ride between rocks and roots. What was the deciding factor? Update: I’m pleased to report that I’ve published the Trek/Specialized endurance bike comparison – so now you can read it: Trek Domane vs Specialized Roubaix: Endurance Road Bike Comparison Now, quick show of hands. So throughout this article, I’ll compare Trek, CannonDale, and Specialized bikes to help you make buying decisions. 1. About Me | Twitter | Facebook | Contact |. I am considering an upgrade to either the Trek Allant or Specialized Turbo Vado. You get the idea. While both companies offer similar types of bikes, Specialized carries a much larger choice when it comes to models designed for women. I have loved mountain biking ever since growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Trek and Specialized brands are both leader manufacturers in the cycling industry. Biography –  Lance Armstrong Biography, retrieved from https://www.biography.com/athlete/lance-armstrong. Beginning with touring and road bikes, Specialized made the leap to mountain bike in 1995 with the Full Force range. Before comparing the two competitors side by side, let’s start with the basics. Comparisons. Their introductory models like the world-famous Rockhopper start somewhere around $500. If the price is an important deciding factor, Trek bikes are generally more cost-efficient. Specialized’s popular hardtail mountain bikes: Specialized’s popular trail and downhill mountain bikes: Specialized’s popular fat-tire mountain bikes: So, out of Trek and Specialized, which one gets the recommendation? (2). Trek put some of the best components on their bikes, and you’ll see forks by Rockshocks and gears by SRAM. Specialized indeed makes good bikes for racers, mountain bikers, and everyone in between. One stand-out feature of that they’re generally lightweight and feature drop-down handlebars. Decked out with mechanical disc brakes, Shimano components, and Suntour forks, their less-expensive bikes are of no less quality. Both companies offer models specifically designed for kids, women, or beginners. So I’ll compare the Trek Emonda with the Specialized Tarmac, the Madone with the Venge. Specialized Bikes – About Us,  retrieved from https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/about-us, 4. Let’s have a look at how much Trek and Specialized bikes cost starting with the entry-level bikes around $700. Trek VS Specialized. In fact, both appellations represent popular and industry leaders’ brand names. While you can’t make a wrong decision going for either brand, they do come with a few differences, including in their price. Cyclinghacker is reader-supported. Trek is one of the best bike brands and has been around for 45 years. Las dos marcas norteamericanas de referencia llevan al límite la integración para convertir a sus máquinas en las reinas de la velocidad. Either way, they both make for excellent choices if you’re looking to replace or buy your first mountain or road bike. Wondering which company is best — Trek or Specialized road bikes? Ok, so I've been out the biking world for a while and looking to start up again. You’ll also have plenty of choices for kids and women. Specialized entry-level mountain bike costs (29″) $710, Treks entry-level MTB is $760, slightly more expensive. Hopefully, it helps you figure out if a Trek or a Specialized mountain bike is the right bike for you. They divide between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, but also caliper or integrated types. Both manufacturers promise endurance and performance, but if you’re looking for a fun and bright bike, our heart goes for the Specialized “Allez” bike. Trust me, she doesn’t joke with it. Options start under $400, with electric products reaching over $12,000. Before comparing the two competitors side by side, let’s start with the basics. They come in various styles but are typically for recreational or racing use on sidewalks, pavement, or light gravel. Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer to the “Specialized vs Trek” ultimate question. Home » Reviews » Trek vs. If you’re looking for a woman’s design, however, Specialized provides more options. Keep in mind, however, that Trek offers fully customized bikes. I love downhill, dirt jumping, and free-riding. Because of the entry-level bikes’ lower costs, this brand makes a great choice for beginners. (1). Good-quality aluminum frames run $1,400, and excellent ones cost $1,900 for the 2011 models, Bunderson says. If you’re looking to step into the world of serious mountain biking, but don’t want to spend a thousand, Specialized’s lower-end bikes are also amazing choices. Trek’s least expensive ride averages $850 in price, which is about $250 less than its competitor. What we do know, however, is that the production of a small number of Trek’s bikes seemed to remain in their main facility in Waterloo, Wisconsin. While they’re direct competitors offering similar models, each brand comes with slight variations, which you may not have noticed, even if you’ve been for a test ride. Specialized offer some of the best mountain bikes on the market. Then, about a decade ago, they started pushing into other styles of riding. Trek offers the Madone 1.1 at $1,900, and Specialized offers the Tarmac Elite Apex for $2,000. Trek does offer a few more options than its competitor. Yet, each brand is best suitable for a specific need. But in this case, I’m going with Specialized. COMPARATIVA: Trek Madone vs Specialized Venge Pro ViAS Specialized y Trek pugnan por tener la bici más avanzada. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly model, however, Trek generally has less expensive entry-level bikes. If you like a multitude of choices, Trek offers a few more options, especially if you’re looking for an inexpensive model. For both companies, suspension forks remain similar to mountain bikes, yet full-suspension rides are rarer. Selecting the wrong bike could significantly impact your performance and riding experience. Trek is an industry-leader known to make powerful and modern bikes. Let’s start by diving into the Trek vs Specialized mountain bike comparison. Learn more. Both manufacturers offer a wide variety of replacements — saddles, shock mount, wheels, tires, handlebars, grips, frames, pedals, and more. “With suspension only located at the front of the bike, these rides are generally lighter but also require less maintenance. Both companies build products with a similar body type containing aluminum and carbon frames, which are the most popular materials for this type of bike. Trek is the one to offer a rigid steel frame — 520 Disk — for those looking for a tough but real feel of the road. The company even built biking mountain trails for this purpose. Trek Trek's Powerfly FS7 has the travel necessary to get down the gnarliest of trails and thanks to a powerful Bosch motor, more than enough power to get back up.. Thank you. Well, it actually had little to do with the bicycles or even the company. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Yet, each brand is best suitable for a specific need. Now they are one of the leading companies making top-of-the-line mountain bikes. Trek or Specialized Bikes — Why the Debate? Trek is an American company and they still make 25,000 bikes a year in the States, but most of their bikes are manufactured in Taiwan.
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