It is really strange! You can pay less and enjoy more on your mobile phone’s options. an active number that hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. Cricket said I was a customer in good standing, however, to unlock the LG I bought, my SIM card needed to reside in the LG phone for 6 months. It locked them for the 6 months. Cricket said they would unlock it after 6 months. In December the cricket unlock policy changes from 4 months to 6.. Keep this in mind if you join cricket.. Any phones purchased before then remain on the 4 month policy.. 0. The phone is compatible with the other carrier; however, it is not "unlocked". Once approved, Cricket will send an unlock code. a Cricket Wireless phone. 3 years ago. To request a Cricket Mobile Device unlock, please call or chat with a Cricket Support Advocate, or visit your local Cricket Store. The 6-month clock resets if the SIM is used in another phone. How to Unlock a Cricket Phone. I accidentally put a prepaid simcard in a few devices that were unlock eligible. It is also possible to get the device unlocked at a Cricket store. I interpret "6-months" as the time elapsed since the phone is purchased/activated and I have paid 6 months of service. Despite paying for service and buying the phone, Cricket used a loophole to break their promise. The Cricket online rep is insinuating that the phone must be in continuous use for full 6-months before unlock code can be requested. I found a plan that would better suit my needs for my children. Mentor • 50 Messages. You must have: six consecutive months of paid service. Facing the same problem, No way that the Gophone customer can unlock the phone before six months even the phone was bought on no contract. Cricket's customer service can be contacted by online chat or giving them a call. Is there a way to unlock the phone without an unlock code? I can get that, the confusion in your head about what method to unlock your Cricket phone is huge, but now you can finally proclaim your little victory. To unlock your Cricket phone, you need to have active service for at least six months. 10 months later I remembered and asked Cricket to unlock the phone as they promised. Cricket Wireless phones come locked. With your Cricket phone unlocked you can use the services of the best network providers and if you quit liking them, you can move on to the better ones. Cricket refused. Before you log on and get your unlock code, you have to meet a few requirements. Like. Cricket said customers have at least 6 months of active service on their device before they are eligible to have it unlocked. Deployed Military Personnel. I found a good deal on a Cricket Microsoft Lumia phone but the Cricket plans give my children way too much freedom. 1. But for me the 6-month clock … This might be important for those planning to travel over spring break or something and need your phone unlocked … Instructions. I wrote a letter to management making it clear that to keep me as a customer, Cricket must fulfill their promise and their word. My daughter phone can be unlocked on 12/2/2017. Related: Guide to unlocking cell phones. JoeJohn +5 more . I lost track of the time. Contact Cricket's customer service to request a Cricket mobile device unlock.
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