[20] This habit might reflect a theological connection between Vulcan and the divinized Sun. Juno was furious and demanded that Vulcan return home, a demand that he refused. Vulcan's contribution to the beautiful and foolish Pandora was to mould her from clay and to give her form. [67], The area Volcani was probably a locus substructus. [4] This interpretation is supported by Walter William Skeat in his etymological dictionary as meaning lustre. Vulcanossi, Hauswürstel und mehr. In the first aspect he is worshipped in the Volcanalia to avert its potential danger to harvested wheat. His role is often a "deus ex machina" one, but he and his wife (called Venus) are still essential to the overall plot. On the first day after that, Vulcan stared at this fire for hours on end. The festival of Vulcan, the Vulcanalia, was celebrated on August 23 each year, when the summer heat placed crops and granaries most at risk of burning. Vulcan is a character in the Starz TV series American Gods, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. Schinkenwelt – Dein Gourmet Erlebnis in der Steiermark. Another reflection of the tradition of the Cretan Velchanos-Zeus would be found in Argolid in the mysteries of Zeus Lykaios, which contemplated anthropophagy and may have inspired the Italic Lupercalia. At the same time a red bull-calf and red boar were added to the sacrifices made on the Vulcanalia, at least in that region of the city.[26]. He was chosen for life, perhaps by the council of the decuriones, and his position was the equivalent of the pontifex maximus in Rome. [39], The first mention of a ritual connection between Vulcan and Vesta is the lectisternium of 217 BC. His smithy was believed to be situated underneath Mount Etna in Sicily. Vulcano hat Seele. Ein weiterer potentieller Kunde wäre die Deutsche Marine für die F125-Fregatten. Weitere regionale Auftritte in São Paulo und Änderungen in der Besetzung fanden statt. [21], Another custom observed on this day required that one should start working by the light of a candle, probably to propitiate a beneficial use of fire by the god. [81], In 2013, Reuters reported that the name "Vulcan" was being promoted as a name for "newly discovered" moons of Pluto. The sacerdos was named pontifex Vulcani et aedium sacrarum: he had under his jurisdiction all the sacred buildings in town and could give or withhold the authorisation to erect new statues to Eastern divinities. Theseus brought to Delos the dance named géranos (literally the dance of the crane) which Capdeville connects with Garanos, a variant of the Recaranus of Italic myths. Salami . The main and most ancient sanctuary of Vulcan in Rome was the Volcanal, located in the area Volcani, an open-air space at the foot of the Capitolium, in the northwestern corner of the Roman Forum, with an area dedicated to the god and a perennial fire. It was Jupiter who finally saved the day: he promised that if Vulcan released Juno he would give him a wife, Venus the goddess of love and beauty. The nature of the god is connected with religious ideas concerning fire. According to Plutarch, though, the war in question was that against Cameria, that occurred sixteen years after the foundation of Rome. His cult enjoyed a period of popularity in the Roman Empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries and the god had a temple in Rome on the Aventine.[55]. Vulcan had a happy childhood with dolphins as his playmates and pearls as his toys. The fraud was revealed, however, and the haruspices were executed. [19], It is recorded that during the Vulcanalia people used to hang their clothes and fabrics under the sun.
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