There were a lot of sloppy moments throughout the match before an awkward ending where both women were counted out while brawling outside the ring. Edge and Randy Orton had a classic match at WWE Backlash, Edge and Orton will battle at WWE Backlash 2020, Braun Strowman faces The Miz and John Morrison at WWE Backlash 2020, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Drew McIntyre defeats Lashley to retain the WWE title. 8:35 pm ET, at 10:25 pm ET, at A motivated Randy Orton has always been one of the best in the business. There wasn't much drama in how this would end once the "no co-champs" rule was announced. Apollo Crews def. Samoa Joe says he can smell fear and doubt in Edge. Well, at the moment, none of us can attend WWE events, but when this is all over, you should speak to Wrestling Travel, who fly WWE fans out to all the big shows and more. After the win, which avenged Orton's Last Man Standing loss at WrestleMania, Orton whispered to Edge to go home and be with his family. Tozawa then introduced a giant ninja, who pulled a sword after Ivar called a turkey leg like Thor calls Mjolnir. "YOU STILL GOT IT!" Miz costs Morrison the Universal title and Braun Strowman retains! Morrison now entices Strowman, then Miz hits a flurry of punches, they both dropkick Braun, Morrison evades an attack with more great athleticism, but is then felled with a right hand. The match had a really good opening stretch with a lot of pin attempts, counters and break-ups before all six women entered the ring and things broke down into a brawl. Für ca. Orton whispered in Edge’s ear “I’m gonna f***ing kill you motherf***er” before launching into the assault at ringside. Lashley fell backward,with his legs locked around McIntyre's waist, torquing on the hold before finally letting go. Lana is heading to the ring and she climbs the steps onto the apron. There were other small touches, though, with recorded introductions from the late Howard Finkel and referee Charles Robinson in old school blue shirt and bow tie referee gear. Timing is everything!!! 8:52 pm ET, at Irish whip into the corner, Edge leaps up, catches the ropes, and with a headscissors send Orton to the outside. The Raiders have some shields, then Erik arms himself with a hatchet and Ivar a bowling ball! Nice touch. They told a solid story of Hardy having the guts to fight back again and again before a high risk move allowed Sheamus to finally power his way to a win. They end up in a tented area where the Raiders beat their shields, only for Ford to suggest they put the weapons down and fight like men. The transition into the move was so smooth, Orton at his best. 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Some of the counters and reversals here have been fantastic. Both men leapfrog each other, then Orton sells Edge a dummy and trips him on a drop down and sends him crashing to the outside. Now Orton has Edge down with a head scissors around the neck and an attempt at an arm bar, but Edge resists. They decide against fighting him and resume their scrap on top of a lorry. Orton now stands over Edge, and is he lining up for a punt kick? 8:23 pm ET. Miz tags in, Skull Crushing Finale, but when Morrison goes for the pin, Miz drags him off! Hardy continued to hang in the match after White Noise and eventually hit the Swanton Bomb, but Sheamus got his foot on the rope. Imagine this in front of a red hot live crowd. Another one count. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. Bobby Lashley via pinfall to retain the title -- Grade: B+, PURE. Though, it's hard to imagine things between these two are anywhere near done. Lashley set up for another full nelson but McIntyre was able to keep him from locking his fingers. Lashley continued his attack outside the ring, but when he tried to run in for a splash against the barricade, McIntyre countered and started to pick up some momentum. After the match, MVP and Lashley looked at Lana with disgust and left her on the floor at ringside.
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