Year Title # Role Rating; 2021: Youth Inn add. Since then, she has appeared in a handful of television dramas, including "Wait my youth", “My Girl” (2020). After Zhao Yiqin said, "I failed you, you cannot rely on me to be my reason," and poured myself a second water. Li Jia Qi, this is her second work i've seen. She attended Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. Subscribe our channel to get more excellent C-dramas!My Girl (Zhao Yiqin, Fan Zhixin, Li Jiaqi) (2020) 99分女朋友Genres: Romance, Comedy, FriendshipAiring schedule:Thursday & Friday, 1 episode at 20:00 (GMT+0800)Saturday, 2 episodes at 20:00 (GMT+0800)Plot summary:When Meng Hui was a child, she was accidentally injured by Shen Yi, leaving a scar on her face and causing her a … (Source: Viki) Drama . "Amazed with the third glass. Zhao Yi Qin was good at potrayal of Lan Tian Ye. The rom-com follows a love story between a makeup artist with a scar and the stingiest CEO in history. He had the level of charisma without coming off pompous. . 04:07 Li Jiaqi knows how to command a crowd – and he does it with ease and grace. He was cool without being cold or stiff. Theres some sameness in her portrayal but while she might not be as versatile, she never came off as cringy or overact. I thought she was adorable in Meteor Garden as Xiao Yuo. Jiaqi Li, Yiqin Zhao: Composer(s) Dong Dong-Dong: Country of origin: China: Original language(s) Mandarin: No. Copied. Zhao Yiqin is currently starring in the drama My Girl 99分女朋友 opposite actress Li Jiaqi whom you might remember as Xiaoyou in 2018’s Meteor Garden. Then, after saying aloud "My Girl" (he is currently in a TV series starring the heroine Li Jiaqi), I think it will be a big hit. She was born on August 28, 1997 in Hangzhou, China and made her acting debut in 2018. By Li Zhao, Huang Yichang Share . If it still does not solve the problem and will not be hit, I will pour another glass!! Li Jia Qi, or Nicky Li, as she’s also known, is a Chinese actress. Sitting in front of a camera, he makes a living from selling beauty products during live streams, convincing tens of millions of potential customers to snatch anything from lipsticks to liquid foundation.
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